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Date: November 11, 2006

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OS: Win 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
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Website Monitoring Tool Description

Website Monitoring Tool Free Download.

Website monitoring software can alerts you when internet websites are generally found to be not available at the time of internet surfing or found with very slow speed.

Download free trial software to increase your website performance by supervising and analyzing your current website status. The software beeps a sound, sends an email and executes a specific program when it finds that the websites you are searching for is not accessible at this time.

Website monitoring tool provide monitoring supports to all special internet services containing POP3, SMTP, HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP servers.

Website monitoring tool is a best alternate to provide option to switch from normal monitoring to advance monitoring analysis.

The software can aware you by giving real time report about current status of your websites. The software is capable to runs easily on any windows based operating system including windows 98, 2000, server2003, XP, Me, NT, vista (Home, pro, media center edition).

Website monitoring software is easy to use, simple, efficient and inexpensive utility allow the user to keep watch about the internet websites status which are not accessible currently or tells the user that from how much time that website is offline. The website monitoring tool is specially designed for that who has wasting time or money when their websites becomes offline. The software is useful for both home as well as office users.

*The software provides user friendly graphical user interface.
*The software informs the user by sending an email, beeps a sound and running a specific program about the website which are not accessible or is down.
*Provide supports to all internet services including POP3, SMTP, HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP server.
*The software is easily executable on all windows operating system.

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