PrivateSurf Free Download

Version: 2.3   (version history)
Date: November 01, 2007


OS: Win 2000/XP
Rating: Not rated
Popularity: Popularity 0/10
Author: TMRG, Inc.

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PrivateSurf Description

PrivateSurf Free Download.

Keep Your Internet Surfing Activity Private with PrivateSurf!

Clear Temporary Internet Files Browsers store an extensive amount of information from web pages you have visited that can stay on your computer for months!

PrivateSurf allows you to securely clear this information from your machine.

Clear Browser History Files and Browser URL Drop Down List Each URL that you visit is stored in the Browser History Files.

This information can show an exact map of where and when you surfed all the websites you have ever visited. Plus each time you type a website address it is stored.

PrivateSurf allows you to securely clear this information from your machine.

Clear Website Cookies Most web sites save information in the form of "Cookies" on your machine when you visit them.

In order to avoid being tracked by these cookies, PrivateSurf will delete the cookies on a regular basis, helping to protect your privacy.

Clear Cache and Index.dat Files There are three index.dat files used by Internet Explorer that cannot be removed while Internet Explorer is running.

They store index information which can show what sites you have visited.

PrivateSurf allows you to delete these files when Windows boots but before Windows locks them.

Blocks Popups Many websites have popup advertisements.

PrivateSurf makes sure these popup advertisements do not appear.

Stealth Key: Hide PrivateSurf Tray Icon The Stealth Key allows you to hide the PrivateSurf Tray Icon so that no one will know you are running PrivateSurf.

Combined with Stealth Mode, PrivateSurf becomes invisible to the casual observer.

Protects Internet Explorer Homepage from changes by websites Some websites might trick you into changing your home page.

PrivateSurf will make sure that your homepage is set back to the original homepage you had set at the beginning of the current session.

Best of all, PrivateSurf is Free for PermissionResearch Members!

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