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Version: 2.0   (version history)
Date: August 10, 2010

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OS: Windows
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Author: Competent Software

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WLan Watcher Description

WLan Watcher Free Download.

You are looking for WLan Watcher if you ask yourself at least one of the following questions:1.) Is my WLan network secure or do any other people use it as well?

2.) Does any unathorized person use my Internet connection?

3.) Is my WEP or WPA key really secure or has anybody broken it?

4.) Does any person browse in my WLan illegally?

5.) How can I be sure that I am the only person who is using the Internet connection?

6.) What computer are connected to my computer?

In spite of WEP or WPA encryption WLan networks are not 100% secure.

Those encryption keys can be guessed or hacked and thus unauthorized people can access your WLan, Internet connection or your computer and private data!

With WLan Watcher you have all your WLan and network connections under control.

You see if an unathorized computer enters your WLan or network at a glance and you get an instant message if an unknown computer tries to connect to your system. So you can react and take actions right away. You can mark computer as known or as friendly thus you can be sure authorized people or computer have access to your WLan or network only.

WLan Watcher works with every network or WLan connection.

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