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Version: 5.0   (version history)
Date: June 28, 2010

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OS: Windows
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Author: Open Source Services

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Product Attribute Pictures (Zen Cart) Description

Product Attribute Pictures (Zen Cart) Free Download.

Product Attribute Pictures v5.0 PLUS allows users to upload and manage the presentation and behaviour of images that appear on their product information pages.

Its core functionality is the ability to display thumbnails which when clicked are shown in full size next to the thumbnails without using a pop-up or reloading the page. Users can also select attributes by clicking / hovering over thumbnails or using radio buttons. * Automatic thumbnail / enlarged image / popup generation with watermarks

* Multiple attribute / picture groups supported per product * Supports zoom functionality. * Create native attributes on-the-fly * Dynamically update default product price with aggregated attribute price differentials

* Enlargement of images via hovering / clicking of thumbnails or radio buttons * Selection of attribute for inclusion in cart via hovering / clicking of thumbnails or radio buttons * Display of selected attribute images in the shopping cart

* Scrollable overflow panes to contain large numbers of images, saving space on your product page * Linked attribute pictures for multiple attribute sets - click attribute A image -> click attribute B image -> see hybrid attribute A+B image

* Multilanguage support for viewing area headings, subheadings and selected image title * Stylish CSS tooltip generation per thumbnail - fully configurable, supports HTML * Resizable thumbnails and enlarged images * Hide / Show picture group names, image names, price differentials

* Display non-attribute images as product showcase * Thumbnail ->Enlarged Image // Thumbnail -> Enlarged Image -> Popup // Thumbnail -> Popup configurations possible * Thumbnail Viewer, LightBox, FaceBox, ThickBox popups available

* Thumbnails displayed to the top, bottom, left or right of enlarged image * Set number of thumbnails per row * Bulk Copy feature for cloning image sets and settings bet

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