RHOBI Messenger Free Download

Version: 2.2   (version history)
Date: January 27, 2010


OS: Windows
Rating: Not rated
Popularity: Popularity 0/10
Author: RHOBI, LLC

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RHOBI Messenger Description

RHOBI Messenger Free Download.

RHOBI Messenger is "the Preferred Tool for Business Professionals". It works similar to other IM applications, in that you can build a contact list and send instant messages to people you know.

However, RHOBI Messenger integrates with RHOBI's supply chain management and free social network, as well as LinkedIn and Outlook. Easily import your contacts from LinkedIn and send messages through the LinkedIn network. Then, import your contacts from Outlook and email directly from Messenger.

Ask your contacts to download Messenger to chat live.

BUYERS: Directly from RHOBI Messenger, perform inventory / part searches and communicate LIVE with your vendors who are online.

Search for a part # to locate inventory, double click on a vendor who has the part in stock, and start a real-time IM conversation with your sales rep of choice. From the chat window, you can even generate an RFQ or PO with a couple quick clicks.

Automatically pulls in part # information and vendor details onto your order using the powerful RHOBI Advantage system.

SELLERS: List your inventory and services on RHOBI at no charge. Start receiving RFQ's / PO's and communicate LIVE with your customers via RHOBI Messenger.

All inventory posted will also be marketed online at rhobi.com. We provide two easy to use templates for inventory upload: either simple or detailed. We can also do custom mapping or FTP if needed.

Inbound orders are automatically loaded into your RHOBI Advantage system for processing (see below).

RHOBI Advantage is RHOBI's complete 100% web based, paperless office management solution.

Do inventory control, warehousing, invoicing, purchase orders, quotes, RFQ's, exchange and repair tracking, work order management, CRM, etc. Receive popup messages through RHOBI Messenger when you receive new customer orders and RFQ's. Receive a single user license for free. Integrates AR / AP with QuickBooks.

For complete details please visit www.rhobi.com.

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