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Version: 3.33   (version history)
Date: July 21, 2005

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OS: Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
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MessengerLog 3 Description

MessengerLog 3 Free Download.

"MessengerLog 3" can automatically record the messages and status of your contacts from MSN Messengers and Windows Messengers. It supports all Windows systems including 9X, NT/2000/XP systems. It can work in a hiding mode, like a spy. It has ten color themes. Messages are encrypted. Accessing and setting are all password protected. You can search and edit the messages efficiently with adavanced search engine.

In addition, It has a reading mode. It is really cool! "MessengerLog 3" will prove itself the perfect choice for you to satisfy your kinds of particular needs, no matter whether you wanna encrypt the messages history; or you want to keep the format of your massages history in the same way as in the chat window of MSN Messengers / Windows Messengers together with the detailed date and time, search in the message log with some search conditions and edit or delete the history from "MessengerLog 3" directly, need the messages you send or receive to be read; or even you like to log on MSN messenger invisibly to your contacts, or you expect to hide the "MessengerLog 3" to make "MessengerLog 3" work like a spy.

Main features:1.Automatically recording the message with the detailed date and time.
2.Working in a hiding mode: hotkey setting to hide MessengerLog 3.
3.Automatically recording the status of your contact list and displaying them by icons.
4.Makinging your MSNMessenger/WindowsMessenger log on invisibly to your contacts, block all yours contacts and restore them again.
5.Automatically online update to help you check the latest version online and update easily. 6.Searching log easily and accurately with our advanced search engine.
7.Editing or deleting the messages history directly in "MessengerLog 3".
8.Accessing and setting are all password protected with advanced encrypt method.
9. Ten color themes10. Reading mode: with speech function, messages can be read.
11. Exporting the rich text messages to a RTF file.

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