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Version: v1.xx   (version history)
Date: January 26, 2002

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OS: Win 95/NT/2000/XP/98/ME
Rating: Not rated
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Author: Nic.fi

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mIRCStats Description

mIRCStats Free Download.

mIRCStats is the most advanced IRC channel log analyzer available.

You can specify a mIRC log file you want to analyze and
select from numerous options to decide how your stats will look like.

Output is produced in HTML format and is ready to be uploaded to your WWW server!

mIRCStats includes following features:

- Fully configurable dynamic multi-page layouts
- Personal Stats - Individual stats for top chatters!
- Chat Partners - Who talk most with each other?
- Custom stats - Stats sections defined by YOU!
- Daily channel activity stats
- User stats and a random quote from each top user
- Hourly channel load distribution table
- Randomly picked topics from reporting period
- 'Big numbers' table (most kicked persons, most joins, longest lines etc..)
- List of persons who have used most nicknames
- Long term stats (weekly/monthly stats gathered from channel history file)
- Word stats (Most used words on channel , most referred nicks, most used URLs..)
- Possibility to add own html code (links, explanations etc.) to stats page
- Stats texts are freely editable and are available in over 20 languages
- Colours and fonts can be changed (many presets available)
- Automatic nick connection when user changes his/hers nickname
- You can also specify manually which nicks has to be connected or separated
- User's nick can be defined to be a link to his homepage
- Possibility to use an image instead of user's name
- Hilight URLs as direct links in random quotes and topics etc..
- Nick exclusion (remove bots from stats)
- PLUS many more nice features!

Once registered, your personal mIRCStats registration code file will work with ALL future mIRCStats versions, too!

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