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Date: October 07, 2007


OS: Win 3.x/95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/CE
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Author: SiPHelp

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Webrequest Callback-Button Description

Webrequest Callback-Button Free Download.

Description:Siphome classic is a tariff for a VOIP-call-back-button for one´s own website.

Features:Outgoing calls to other SIP-and IAX-addresses the SIP-and IAX-address will be transfered standardly as well as the name-alternatively anonymous.

With calls, which are terminated into the fixed line line network the transmitted telephone number is principally anonymous at first.

With outgoing calls: Optionally the existing telephone number(even though the telephone number is from another provider) can be transfered.

For this it has to be secured via validation that the telephone number exists.

For this siphome(like ENUM) makes use of the tried-and tested call-back method with a code.

The user can validate his fixed line telephone number within a few minutes anytime and receive this as an outgoing call.

For telephone system connections it will be checked beside that, if the transmitted phone number from the telephone system is in the list of the deblocked numbers.

So, the tranmitting of direct dials of telephone number ranges is possible.

Many local area networks are available-and also the nation wide new 032-lane is of course available.

The tariffs with basic charge contain a telephone number. Further numbers can be booked.

The routing in incoming calls(answering machine, transmission, for example) is configurable in the webinterface.

Time steered transmissions to several destinations at the same time possible: optional for incoming calls of the SIP-and IAX-address there can be set up a transmission to another SIP-or IAX-address or a telephone number to fixed line network or mobile network (cell phone, for example).

Conclusion:A client clicks on the call-back-button, types in his number, will be called back from the server and at the same time the server calls the website-operator and finally connects them.

It´s pay free and an innovative idea.

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