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Date: February 01, 2008

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MMS/SMS Mobile Marketing System Description

MMS/SMS Mobile Marketing System Free Download.

Exciting MMS marketing system (an introduction to MMSMK business version)

MMSMK MMS SYSTEM (Multimedia Messaging Service Modem King) is a telecommunication-based multi-channel business MMS marketing group sending system with an extraordinary ratio of performance to price.

Based on the connection between PC and GPRS MMS group sending device, it can establish multi-channel wireless connections with MMS center of mobile operators to achieve a maximum of 32 channels of massive MMS group sending and reception totally free from the Internet.

MMSMK business version can help to create continuous income for many industries, such as designing, consumer goods, real estate, entertainment, judiciary, media, and telecommunications operators.

It can help to increase the sales of telecommunications value-added business as well as the most precise and quickest multimedia advertisement display tool in multi-channel marketing of enterprises.

It is suitable for operator MMS promotion, enterprise MMS advertising, MMS inquiry area, MMS picture collection, MMS ordering, VIP client management, MMS official documents, MMS evidence acquisition, calling the police by MMS, and MMS cards.

It supports the adjustment of GPRS network operators' MMS gateway parameters of many countries in the world.

It supports editing multimedia materials such as pictures, audio, video, application program, and palm-top bookstore.

It supports group sending and reception of MMS.

Advanced management of MMS titles.

It supports MMS speed modulation.

It supports group sending and reception of short messages.

It supports hands-free short messages.

It support the production / sending / reception of Wap Push.

It support the production / sending / reception of OTA bookmark.

It support the production / sending / reception of OTA explorer configurations.

It supports the sending of state report and reading report.

It supports a maximum of 32 channel GPRS modem terminal for massive group sending.

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