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Date: December 01, 2014

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OS: Windows
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BigAnt Live Chat Description

BigAnt Live Chat Free Download.

BigAnt Messenger is a 360C solution for staff daily communication and bridges the gap between website visitors and your help desk staff.

BigAnt's unique Live Chat is a value-added feature lets you host an instant text messaging system between your website visitors and help desk staff.

The visitors to your website can start conversation with your helpdesk staff and sales people in one click.Host BigAnt Live Chat on your website for only $1.

Key Features for BigAnt Live Chat:1.Host BigAnt Live Chat on your company server.

BigAnt Live Chat is a built-in optional module in BigAnt Messenger Server application.

2.The web-based instant communication system is hosted on your dedicated server, Everything is under control.

3.Perfectly integrate company staff daily communication and web-based communication in one solution.

4.Enable real time chat. Pop up an instant chat request notification at system tray area on operator's local PC .

5.The operators can handle multiple conversations simultaneously 6.Easy integration with your web site. Copy and paste HTML code, it's that easy.

7.Visitors can leave an offline message to the operators.

8.More than one operator when providing live support.

9.The operators can keep a message history on his local pc.

10.Switch live chat request to desired company staff rather than the current operator.

11.No seats limited.

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