Version: 4.0   (version history)
Size: 775KB
Date: August 24, 2001
License: Free
OS: Windows
Author: ReGet Software

Publisher's Description

WinMP3Locator helps you to find your favorite music (MP3 compositions) in the Internet. Looking for a song you have heard on radio recently? Can't find a few years old favorite? Get WinMP3Locator to easily find any MP3 composition on the Internet fast!

WinMP3Locator 2.0 Features:

WinMP3Locator searches for a song by the user-specified keywords in all popular MP3 search engines -- no more site to site surfing! WinMP3Locator can even search for a composition if you don't know the author or you are not sure about exact composition title. The list of search engines is customizable - you can choose only your favorits.

Depending on how accurate you enter the desired composition title and author, you will be given 30-50 or 300-500 (the more accurate you describe the composition, the more precise results are) links to the compositions matching your request.

WinMP3Locator verifies that files it has found are really downloadable, delete broken and duplicate links. Also it checks if servers where the files are hosted support resume so you can choose the most appropriate server to download from.

WinMP3Locator can then pass the link(s) to any/all the files to your preferred download manager (most popular download managers supported: ReGet, GetRight, Go!Zilla), FTP-client (most popular FTP-clients supported: FTP Voyager, CuteFTP) or browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Opera) for download.

WinMP3Locator can also pass the links to Windows Clipboard or export all located links to a simple TXT or HTML-file, so you can send it to a friend!
Spend time listening to music, not searching it.

New in WinMP3Locator 3.0:
WinMP3Locator becomes universal - now it searches not only MP3 but any other files.

Search engines list is getting even more customizable - special option lets you suggest your favorite search engine if it isn't published in the list.

WinMP3Locator 4.0:
Now it is absolutely FREE!

WinMP3Locator keywords: mp3, free, music, internet, software, napster, search, download, ratio, server, music, archives, entertainment, pleasure, rock, pop, hard-rock, soul, blues, juzz

This program is no longer available for download from our website. Please contact the author of WinMP3Locator at for any additional information.