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Version: 2.1.75   (version history)
Date: September 16, 2000

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OS: Windows
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Author: DataWizard Technologies

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eRadarSearch Internet Search Tool Description

eRadarSearch Internet Search Tool Free Download.

eRadarSearch is an Internet information search tool that provides it's users with quick, easy access to all the information the Internet has to offer. eRadarSearch allows you to search or post information to just about anything on the Internet, and comes configured with profiles containing more than 50 different sites/search engines covering everything from MP3 files to doing address lookups, and reverse phone number lookups!

What's more, you can add and delete as many sites and profiles as you want! When you find a site you want to automate posting to or searching of, just use eRadarSearch's Wizard and it will capture the site's search profile information, and presto---you can now search or post information to that site quickly and easily without opening your browser! eRadarSearch's real value starts to show when you begin to accumulate a group of searchable resources on a relevant topic: finding and gathering information becomes quick and efficient---type in your search criteria, hit enter, and continue with your work while the specified group of sites is searched. When you are ready to see the results of your searches, just double click on the name of the site you want to see the results for from the listbox and eRadarSearch will open this document in your browser.

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