Winish Youtube Downloader Free Download

Version: 1.3   (version history)
Date: June 28, 2010


OS: Windows
Rating: Not rated
Popularity: Popularity 0/10
Author: WINISH

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Winish Youtube Downloader Description

Winish Youtube Downloader Free Download.

This software product will allow you to download and manage all of the Youtube videos you ever wanted to own.

You can choose from Youtube videos you know and want to own, or you can search for Youtube videos, and pick and choose which to download from the results.

In the search feature you can search using one or several strings, and sift through the many results, five videos at a time.

You can also choose an output format in which to save those files in - among them low- and high-end formats, including mp3 - if you're just interested in the audio, flv if you want a mobile format, mpeg or avi - for a high-end format that fits DVDs, and mp4 - which is a high-end format that fits a lot of mobile devices, and offers both video and audio - unlike its predecessor, the mp3 format, which only offered audio.

If you choose to download based on a list you can keep track of it using a text editor - adding to it every time someone gives you a link to a Youtube video, or every time you find a Youtube video that you're interested in.

You then choose 'Add' in the program's interface, and you add that link one by one, or you can copy the text file you created into the computer's memory, and paste the list using the 'Paste' button in the 'Add' menu. You can remove things from the list if you make errors, or you can clear the entire list and start fresh.

You can also watch a percentage bar that shows you how long it will take in order to deliver the Youtube videos you want, in a format you want.

This is done in order to help you better manage your time - you can burn a DVD with videos and take those to a friend's house, or you can upload and store them to a mobile device - anything from a simple mp3 player, to something like the iPod device.

You can also convert any existing videos you have, to various formats - low- and high-end, mobile formats and stationary formats.

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