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Date: February 04, 2007


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misspelled auction eBay typo finder Toolbar Description

misspelled auction eBay typo finder Toolbar Free Download.

If you've figured out that eBay items get entered incorrectly many times, you may not have realized that misspelled search on eBay doesn't have to be a matter of trying to determine all the possible ways to misspell and item and enter them in one at a time, in the hopes that someone would have misspelled the item in exactly that way. A misspelled search conducted in this way could take hours and you may not be able to imagine all the possible ways in which a word could be misspelled.

If you want to facilitate your misspelled search on eBay, use this handy search tool to find not only common ways to misspell a word, but all instances of the misspelled word in items listed on eBay.

You can even misspell the word in the search field and get results in your misspelled search results.

The concept is to enable you to locate and bid on items that would not show up on a standard eBay or web search.

In this way, since you're the only one bidding, chances are good that you will get the item at your opening bid. You can develop a nice little business by finding such valuable items and reselling them at a more realistic price.

Even if you're just using the misspelled search to find individual items that you want or need, this toolbar provides a useful and innovative service.

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