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Version: 3.5   (version history)
Date: October 24, 2007

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OS: Win XP
Rating: Not rated
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Author: SezamSoft

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Advanced Network Search Description

Advanced Network Search Free Download.

Advanced Network Search is an advanced network search engine for NetBios / Windows Sharing / SMB and FTP share operations.

The program runs continually as a Windows service, with indexing of network structures to achieve faster LAN searches.

Advanced Network Search even includes computers that are switched off.

The program incorporates a built-in web-server and convenient web interface, which enables users to enter intuitive search queries via their favorite web browser.

It allows the use of the service from every computer in a corporate or home LAN.

In addition, the program's MP3 search function includes parameters such as album, artist or song name.

The program accelerates the search of files and saves time.

Advanced Network Search is an excellent fit for corporate and home LANs.

Main features:
-MP3 search by Album, Artist or Song title
-Search capability for shared files/folders (including computers that are switched off)
-Web interface search service available to all users on a LAN
-Automatic SMB search available through hidden shares
-in database and web
-search filters

Advanced Network Search keywords: network search engine, mp3 search, shares search, smb search, ftp search

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