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Version: 1.10   (version history)
Date: November 16, 2008


OS: Win ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista
Rating: Not rated
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BringMeMore Description

BringMeMore Free Download.

BringMeMore is a browser extension that detects topics on any web page to enrich your content experience.

BringMeMore offers content from two search engines - one is google, and the other is Multi-Search that combines results from the web, videos, blogs, news, wikipedia, images and more.

Download BringMeMore as an add-on for Firefox and Internet Explorer (IE6, IE7 or IE8).

See your own SiteVacuum within one minute and for FREE!

SiteVacuum is a platform for creating browser extensions. It utilizes advanced search services to push your content and ads beyond your website boundaries.

It expends your advertising real-estate and attracts users to visit your website more often What they say about BringMeMore: If you love Google you'll love BringMeMore...It's like Google++

Harel Shattenstein, blogger The Multi-Search enhances every page I surf to. It brings videos and stuff without having to leave the page Limor Golan, attorney

BringMeMore made me feel like a web-search expert is sitting right next to me Oron Reiter, business development consultant Since I've installed BringMeMore, I don't need to type in the search keywords anymore...

Meir Grubner, president and founder of Sliding Door Company Inc Before using BringMeMore, I thought Google's interface is simple...BringMeMore does it all with one click

Orli Zuckerman, personal coacher

BringMeMore keywords: bringmemore, browser addon, browser extension, firefox, internet explorer

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