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Date: December 06, 2008


OS: Win 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista
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The Gift Grabber Description

The Gift Grabber Free Download.

Tired of losing so many great auctions on ebay?

Been the highest bidder but someone come in at the last second and outbid you?

Worry no more.. I've developed a freeware auction sniping tool just for you!

You've all heard of the Auction Sniping right?

If not... let me explain!

When on ebay, you bid on auctions and you can be outbid by someone else, whoever bids last with the highest bid wins the auction.

With The Gift Grabber you ensure that you will always be the highest bidder AND at a lower cost!

What does the The Gift Grabber offer?

Win More Auctions - catch other bidders unaware!

Save Money - bid once, when it counts.

Privacy - bids are concealed & secure.

Safety - pay just enough to win.

Convenience - frees you to do other things So here's the bottom line. What you're going to get is a super sexy interface so easy a child could use.

Find an item you like, press bid or snipe, and leave it running in the background!

Don't spend more than you should be on auctions, and losing out when you could win!! If you're not already using auction sniping you're losing ebay items every day.

How much?

Nothing, ziltch, Nada! Its Freeware. I originally made this tool because i didnt like the other tools out there and I wanted to do my christmas shopping, without any hassles.

This is my christmas gift to everyone!

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