Vermillion FTP Daemon

Version: 1.31   (version history)
Size: 907 Kb
Date: December 19, 1999
License: Free To Try
OS: Windows
Author: Arcane Software

Publisher's Description

Vermillion FTP Daemon is a secure, highly efficient and stable FTP server.

It features per-user IP address validation to prevent unauthorized access, virtual pathnames to hide sensitive information about your file structure from users, and dynamic caching to authomatically tune itself to provide the best performance under varying loads. This is a full FTP implementation including resume transfers, passive mode, and file size and date reporting used by Netscape and other clients. It is designed to look and act just like wu-ftpd, the UNIX server standard and it is completely compatible with all client software, and FTP tools such as BBS-FTP interfaces. It supports fully recursive UNIX style links. You can easily view past events as well as connected clients and you can edit, disconnect, or 'zoom in' to provide detailed information for any connection. The minimized sits out of your way in the Taskbar's System Tray and handy quick info box lists the number of clients connected, the total data transfer rate, and, if you are running Windows NT 4.0, the percent of CPU utilization.

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This program is no longer available for download from our website. Please contact the author of Vermillion FTP Daemon at for any additional information.