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Version: 1.8   (version history)
Date: September 22, 1999

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OS: Windows
Rating: Not rated
Popularity: Popularity 0/10
Author: Mike Bryeans

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WebBBS Pro Description

WebBBS Pro Free Download.

WebBBS Pro is a safe, fast, and easy to use Web-based BBS, which allows you to run your own Web server.

WebBBS features over 90 built-in functions, including 'Search Site' which lets users search your site for specific items using keywords or phrases.

You can customize an unlimited number of hit counters, include voting booths, generate server access statistics, send short messages to anyone or everyone currently logged onto the server, and post bulletins.

You can also display HTML and TXT files; edit user settings; search user database by name, city, state, country, zip code, and gender; and view and extract ZIP files.

The program includes 'Post Office', a function which handles all e-mail related items. Each one of your users has their own address book as well as their own filter file to block unwanted mail.

In addition, the public message areas support Fidonet Echomail via JAM, Newsgroups using built-in NNTP clients, and local message areas.

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