Document Server

Version: 3.0.4   (version history)
Size: 6937KB
Date: April 03, 2004
License: Free To Try $99
OS: Win XP
Author: Optima TM+

Publisher's Description

Stand-alone and non-dedicated HTTP Web-server / UDP-server with integrated management tools, Firewall, User administration, Session management, Log-reports, Virtual file manager and PIASe Visual Basic script programming IDE.

PIASe script supports file-including, pre-processing and encrypted compiling of server-side script, Interpretation of HTTP request and response headers, authentication, full file-io, 160 bits encryption, ZLib compression, proxy-functions, speech synthesizer, TraceRt, Ping, Tcp get and put.

The server is designed to function as a web server or intranet server and due it's all-in-one-program, A great internet learning-zone program. Absolute freeware for private persons (E 1,60 reg fee) without commercial purposes.

Including user-manual and programmers-manual. Produced in the European Union.

Document Server keywords: server, webserver, http, udp, icmp, script, programming, visualbasic, vb, vbscript, vbs, piase

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