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Version: 2.4   (version history)
Date: December 03, 2009

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OS: Windows
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Author: Metamatica Software

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MetaCompress Description

MetaCompress Free Download.

MetaCompress is an ISAPI filter for IIS (Internet Information Server).

Most web browsers, including the most popular Microsoft Internet Explorer, can access compressed content of web sites as well as ordinary HTML pages. If a site packed with MetaCompress is accessed by a client browser which supports compressed content, MetaCompress packs text on the fly.

Otherwise, MetaCompress leaves the required content uncompressed. This feature gives you an incontestable advantage: the text content of your site loads faster.

This, in turn, increases your site's accessibility for users who have a slow dial up connection and speeds up the loading of pages on your site in general.

MetaCompress advantages:
-Increases the pages loading speed 3 5
-Reduces Internet traffic 20 60% (
-depending on the site content)
-Supports compression using HTTP/1.0 protocol
-Create and analyze compression activities logs
-Easily configurable. Ability to change settings without restarting.
-Simplified install and un
-install process

This filter is most useful if your site contains a lot of text information.

For example:
-forums or web mail clients
-news portals, documentation sites, virtual libraries
-article catalogs, etc.

MetaCompress is designed to be used in a web server environment.

Supported Operating Systems:
-Windows 2000 Professional
-Windows 2000 Server
-Windows XP Professional
-Windows Server

Additional Requirements: Internet Information Server (IIS) 4, 5, 6.

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