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Version: 5.6.0R   (version history)
Date: May 30, 2011

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OS: Windows
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Author: Fastream Technologies

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Fastream IQ Proxy Server Description

Fastream IQ Proxy Server Free Download.

IQ Proxy Server is a robust and secure web content / reverse proxy server software for Windows. IQP can stand between the firewall and web servers and secure / accelerate your web site.

It can also act as a forward proxy for sharing and filtering LAN web connection with caching.

Fastream IQ Proxy Server (formerly known as "IQ Reverse Proxy") features:1.

Robust & secure web reverse proxy server with SSL offloading / tunneling, smart failover, fast RAM / DISK caching as well as DDoS application firewall and load-balancing with smart failover based on both ICMP and HTTP pings and sticky sessions.

2. Complete content proxy solution for web with support for the protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and Gopher featuring filtering with respect to domain, location, URL and content 3.

DDoS / IP / domain / country-based firewall for both proxies as a tighter security measure. We update our IP-to-country conversion database every month for free!

4. Ultra high performance, tested with 15, 000 requests / sec with keep-alive and ultra fast caching 5. URL rewrite, definable per reverse proxy URL rule 6.

Windows Active Directory support as well as forms and HTTP / 1.1 basic and digest authentication schemes 7. Upload / download bandwidth-per-connection limits on both content / reverse proxies--general and per-connection limiting 8. Connections-per-client-IP limiting on both content / reverse proxies 9.

URL translator in reverse proxy for perfect browsing experience for end users 10. Many more such as anti-hotlinking, W3C logging, GZip compression, etc.

What's new in IQ Proxy Server 5.6.0R - Cache can hold compressed files without any need for recompression at runtime

- Reverse proxy ping is now HTTP(S) based instead of ICMP with a configurable URL per web server. You can specify preferred ping for web servers from Options.- Reverse proxy can now recognize web server 500 status code as error - Many other features and fixes...

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