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Date: December 03, 2014

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OS: Windows
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AA Mail Server Description

AA Mail Server Free Download.

AA Mail Server, from www.aamailsoft.com, is mail server software with dedicated database based on Windows mail server. It's a webmail server with full featured mail service.

At the same time, this mail server software is easy to setup and configure, can help you create a mail system easily and run in minutes. Especially for small and medium-sized companies (1~20000 accounts) to build their own mail server on the LAN and Internet.

AA Mail Server mainly including following functions:1. Easy to use Windows Mail Server software for Windows XP / 2000 / 2003 / Vista / Windows7.

2. Provides full featured email service, supports SMTP / SMTP Auth / POP3 / SSL POP3 Remote etc.

3. Supports 1~20000 accounts with each 8G+ mailbox capacity, suitable for small to medium business.

4. Provides a unique feature of ISP Mailbox Mapping Mode to help you save cost significantly. For those companies that already have ISP mail service and will not give up it.

AA Mail Server can automatically retrieve mails from and send emails via ISP mail service.

5. Sharing Mail Server Mode allows your departments communicate with customers with one mailbox address.

6. Well-designed UTF-8 Webmail Server keeps you away from unreadable multi-language mails.

7. Useful diagnosis functions of domain MX, mail sending etc will help you quickly locate possible problems.

8. Provides effective Anti-spam Protection with multi RBLs lookup anti-spam technology, which has been approved by our customers.

9. Supports powerful Employee Email Monitoring function to help you Monitor employee emails easily.

10. Provide rich functions, e.g. mail group, auto filtering & forwarding, ISP relay sending etc...

11. SQL-based Mail Server, support Access and SQL Server, much better than file base mail server.

Having a database based email server means more advantages in speed, scalability, manageability and stability.

12. Help you build your own LAN or Internet mail server easily!

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