Get Going Server by Blaiz Enterprises Free Download

Version: 1.00.1175   (version history)
Date: May 10, 2007


OS: Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Rating: Not rated
Popularity: Popularity 0/10
Author: Blaiz Enterprises

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Get Going Server by Blaiz Enterprises Description

Get Going Server by Blaiz Enterprises Free Download.

FREE - Website creator / HTTP Server, DIY, GUI-based, Portable, No html / script programming required. Quick, simple and easy website creation - Browser-based tick, type and save editing system.

Built-in server for DIY webhosting from your own computer! Take control of your website AND your traffic. Eliminate those regular hosting bills.

Website Features:
*Simple 3 page design (index, information and contact)
*Browser driven editing / viewing environment
*Content - Type or paste plain text - no html or scripting needed
*Simple 3 color manager 15
*built-in color schemes
*Advanced 18 customisible font / color / border / background / foreground styles - change colors, text fonts, background images, foreground images (logo) etc with ease
*Image manager for easy image uploading
*Realtime fully automatic image format optimisation/conversion for smart seamless image handling 21
*images - 8 system (e.g. favicon.ico, logo, background etc) / 13 user images
*Automatic 'favicon.ico' creation
*Online Contact Form (subject, name, email address and large message box fields) - send data to specified url
*Tick and set 'robots.txt' creation with custom code support
*Raw html code input boxes - footer, header and column enhancement
*Save website to disk as static html pages - host website on 3rd party server
*View/save entire website settings, images and content as single encoded text block - easy backup, retrieval, transportation and setup of complete website 20
*customisible/renamable colors for use with raw html code
*Definable list of browser safe fonts

*Smart page content handling: - Automatic text header creation - Automatic hyperlinking of web links ( http:// ) - Automatic smart image alignment - Easy embedding of images using insert codes [image-0]...[image-20] - Extendable with raw html code [html]...raw code...[/html] - System insert codes - [date], [year], [name] etc - Keyword / description meta tag creation for

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