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Version: 2.2   (version history)
Date: June 05, 2009

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OS: Win ME/NT/XP/Vista
Rating: Not rated
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Author: DEK Software International

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IQ Reverse Proxy Description

IQ Reverse Proxy Free Download.

IQ Reverse Proxy (IQRP) is a secure web reverse proxy.

-Memory cache implemented for 2Gbps performance with single (core) 32
-bit Pentium/Athlon/Duo Core 2 256
-bit SSL/TLS accelerator with support for OpenSSL hardware cards and self
-signed certificate creation
-Load balancing in URL
-aware fashion: point each domain/path to different/same target LAN server/port
-Anti hot
-linking feature enables webmasters to control other sites linking to their multimedia content
--prevents leeching of bandwidth
-URL Rewrite with regular expressions provides a descent way to simplify links for search engines and other sites
-Bandwidth limiting per URL rule per IP/port
-GZip compression accelerator with configurable compression rates for each object extension
-Failover protection with both ICMP and HTTP server validation
-Cookies created make session persistence possible among client
-server matching
-Filter/pass firewall: Filter with respect to IP, reverse DNS and even client IP country
-Client connections pooled with dynamic load determination algorithm
-High performance on
-fly HTML link transformer and No dynamic DNS auto updater client built
-friendly HTTP/XML controller interface for remote admin access
-HTTP/1.1 basic and digest authorization with users definable per URL rule as well as Windows NTLM
-Supports W3C Extended Log Format with selectable fields and NFServer v2 screen and file logging
--configurations setable in URL granularity
-Global load
-balancing with HTTP (configurable 301/302) redirection, which works in conjunction with routed web servers in load
-Advanced load
-balancer which let's you define slave servers with "1" capacity value that gets traffic only when all other assigned serversfail per each URL Rule
-high performance achieved with code optimization (5,200 requests/sec with keep
-alive and cache, 2,000 w/o keep

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