GroupWebService Free Download

Version: 1.0   (version history)
Date: December 08, 2014


OS: Windows
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Author: NETsec GmbH & Co. KG

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GroupWebService Description

GroupWebService Free Download.

Users can add their account to a group.

As user-self-service authenticated users in your company may use this website to add their account to a specified group.

Usability *Use groups to grant access Your company uses Active Directory groups to grant access to ressources depending on the membership in a specific group.

For some groups your users should decide by themselves if they want to be member of the group.

Example: Access to a specific folder is secured by permissions given to a specific group.

But basically users should be able to access this folder - but they have to initiate getting permissions.*Applications use groups for their own needs In your company you use Active Directory groups which are taken by certain applications.

Example: An Anti-Spam-Application reads the memebership of a certain group to decide which mailboxes should be protected. Users can decide if they want to be protected or not.

Features *Use an IIS Server in your company You might install GroupWebService on any IIS in your company.*Individualize You may customize the Website with your own phrases.*Security

Using Windows-Authentication you guarentee secure access to the GroupWebService website. Only the authenticated user may add himself to the group.*Groups list The list of groups a user can declare to be member of will be configured by IT-administration.*Just-In-Time

Immediatly after users declaration he is memeber of the group.*Administrative report Optional you might configure a mailaddress which receives a message when a new application has made.

Summary *Use groups as recommended by Microsoft for granting access to ressources *Free up time of helpdesk if users might decide by themselves which ressources they want to have access to

*Offer a comfortable webpage to allow users to applicate for ressources.*Control user applications by getting administrative reports.

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