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Version: 1.17   (version history)
Date: January 18, 2000

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OS: Windows
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Author: Daeja Image Systems Ltd.

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viewONE Java Image Viewer Description

viewONE Java Image Viewer Free Download.

viewONE Java Image Viewer is a Java applet for viewing images and multipage image documents TIFF, JPG, BMP and GIF, ideal for imaging and Internet-enabled document management systems.

It extends your Web browser's functionality so that you can zoom, scroll, pan, rotate, and print your image documents easily and quickly. The program features high performance decompression and anti-aliasing algorithms for displaying monochrome images quickly and clearly, and high performance decompression and display of 4-, 8-, and 24-bit color images.

It includes memory and file caching for quick reviewing, a Java toolkit for application and applet developers who wish to develop their own product or user interface, and a comprehensive HTML and JavaScript API for Web designers.

viewOne Java Image Viewer supports the following file and image formats: BMP (Windows and OS2, RLE4, RLE8, and uncompressed RGB); GIF87a; GIF89a; JPEG; TIFF color (4-, 8-, and 24-bit, LZW, Packbits, and uncompressed); and TIFF mono (FAX Group III, FAX Group IV, LZW, Packbits, and uncompressed).

The program also supports large documents that use multipage TIFF images, and separate files for each page of any of the supported image formats.

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