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Version: 3.05   (version history)
Date: May 02, 2003

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OS: Win 98/ME/NT/2000
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Author: Nautilus Digital

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Nautilus NetRanger Description

Nautilus NetRanger Free Download.

Nautilus NetRanger is a powerful and handy Internet toolkit. Designed for both new and experienced users, NetRanger provides all the tools you need to help diagnose network problems and get information about users, hosts and networks on the Internet or on your Intranet.

The tool set covers follows:
Ping - Use the Ping tool to verify connectivity to a particular device on your network;
TraceRoute - Use the TraceRoute tool to obtain the list of gateways between your computer and a particular device;
Lookup - Use the Lookup tool to obtain information on host names and IP addresses;
Finger - Use the Finger tool to obtain information about all users on a network host;
Whois - Use the Whois tool to obtain information on names from the Network Information Center;
Time - Use the Time tool to obtain precise time value from a remote Time server and to synchronize your local system clock;
HostScanner - Use HostScanner tool to scan a bunch of IP addresses to check the connections, resolve the host names, and scan for active ports;
MailKit - Use MailKit to check and manage your numerous mailboxes. This cute kit will report to you any arrival of new mails in a variety of ways;
NetInfo - Use NetInfo tool to view a various kinds of network information such as network statistics, network connections, etc on local host;
Quick-dialing - Quick-dialing tool provides an easy-to-use and enhanced dial-up tool, which makes the dial-up a much easier job and keep you away from crazy endless redialing;
QoD (Quote of the Day) - Use the QoD tool to view quotations from a remote Quote server.
Furthermore, it comes with a high performance in virtue of its enhanced multi-threading capablility, accompanying with a highly intuitive interface.

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