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Version: 3.1   (version history)
Date: January 05, 2004

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OS: Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000
Rating: Not rated
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Author: IMCS LU

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LinkViewer Description

LinkViewer Free Download.

LinkViewer 3.1 is a powerful tool for Website analysis by representing "map of your Web-land" in exciting graphical form using fast graphical layout algorithms.

You can manage hyperlink analysis process and choose the most appropriate graphical representation by specifying several options which are grouped in easy-to-understand way. LinkViewer allow to see graphically ALL links in your website. To save place you may also group parallel links or map website as tree (show only one link to each page).

You can add new "pages" and "links" or delete the old ones in your map to represent your wishes more precisely. Five page types with customizable features are defined. For each page type you can configure its own URL, Title and comment field content and appearance on the map.

You can easy make sensitive image maps for your Websites using LinkViewer.
Report about broken links is generated automatically.

Print option allows you produce large size wallpapers. Print dialog is powered by possibility to see what EXACTLY will be printed - you can see distribution of map on pages. You can easy print only and exactly that pages what you need.
You can save collected map as bitmap or Windows metafile.

LinkViewer keywords: website analysis, site map, image map, graphical editor, link checking

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