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Version: 2009-V1.0.1   (version history)
Date: January 26, 2010

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OS: Windows
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Author: Complete Software Solutions

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SiteMonNak Description

SiteMonNak Free Download.

SiteMonNak can monitor and report on the status of a variety of items that affect the accessibility of web sites including https web sites, items like DNS, Ping and HTTP response.

What items you have monitored is very flexible. When a problem is detected you can be informed in a variety of different ways including emails, audio alerts, pop-up messages and executing programs (enabling rebooting failed servers etc).

You can also set the number of times to verify a problem before being alerted.

SiteMonNak keeps detailed logs of problems detected and when the problems are cleared. There are statistics kept for various aspects of site availability.

SiteMonNak is designed to be an easy and efficient way to keep watch of your web site availability.

This is an powerful tool for webmasters to keep their websites up.

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