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Version: 3.0   (version history)
Date: December 02, 2014

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OS: Windows
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Author: iCode Systems

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iCatcher Sentry Description

iCatcher Sentry Free Download.

When used in conjunction with your home or office PC and a suitable camera, iCatcher provides a powerful, practical and economic alternative to dedicated CCTV security systems.

When motion is detected it automatically captures and saves the image to disk. Sensitivity controls and user-defined masks let you eliminate spurious motion detections.

Playback lets you review activity detected on any given day in a matter of minutes.

Sophisticated alerting functions can send captured images by e-mail, or upload them to a Web site for remote viewing. SMS message alerts can also be configured using an external application. iCatcher also includes a built in web server for remotely viewing live and recorded footage.

No ActiveX controls are required, meaning any PC that can run Java or Javascript can be used. iCatcher also supports our two iPhone Apps, iCatcher Go & Pro, for high speed remote viewing over standard 3G connections.

Automated archiving of recorded images can be scheduled as can auto-deletion after a specified period, or when a pre-defined storage space limit is reached. iCatcher can operate in time lapse or Web cam modes and scheduled operating periods for particular times and days of the week can be defined. For operating as many as 255 cameras see our iCatcher Console solution.

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