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Date: May 31, 2011

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SCoolSoft Bookmark Profession Description

SCoolSoft Bookmark Profession Free Download.

Do you install several browsers in your computer to browse the Internet? Are you worried about the bookmarks which are not synchronized in the browsers?

Now SCoolSoft Bookmark Profession can easily help you solve the problems above.

SCoolSoft Bookmark Profession can be used to add, delete, rename a bookmark just like Windows Explorer, and can easily convert bookmarks among different browsers.SCoolSoft Bookmark Profession currently supports a variety of major browsers, such as: IE, Firefox, chrome, opera and so on.

Features SCoolSoft Bookmark Profession has the following four characteristics:(1)The similar interface to Windows Explorer.

SCoolSoft Bookmark Profession has similar interface of bookmark management with Windows Explorer, so you are easy to learn how to use it.(2)You can choose some of the bookmarks you want to convert or all the bookmarks.

If you only want to convert some or all of the bookmarks, you can easily accomplish this task through ScoolSoft Bookmark Converter.(3)Dragging and dropping support:You can finish all the conversion tasks through simple dragging and dropping.(4)Filtering illegal characters In the course of conversion, SCoolSoft Bookmark Profession will automatically filter out the illegal characters in the names of bookmarks.(5)Encryption Bookmarks

You can set up a user name and password for accessing bookmarks, Private bookmarks saved in the security file in SCoolSoft Bookmark File format.(6)Backup Bookmarks You can backup your browser's bookmarks to a safe place.(7)Export to HTML All or your choice of bookmarks will be exported to HTML document.

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