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Version: 2.0   (version history)
Date: November 03, 2003

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OS: Win NT/2000/XP
Rating: Not rated
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Author: Advertise Soft

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PopAdvertiser Description

PopAdvertiser Free Download.

PopAdvertiser v2.0 Standard
- You can advertise worldwide
- You can make job list
- You can view realtime report of sending activity
- You can select an IP range to send advertising
- You can see the IP in the process status
- You can see the processed IP
- You can save the good IPs in the database
- Bad IPs are automatically deleted from the database
- You have all IP classes of the world
- You have real time help

PopAdvertiser v1.0 Professional
- You can send messages to 50 IPs simultainly
- You can see how many IPs are in process

Advertise Soft is inaugurating the new PopAdvertiser tool, which displays a very modern and ergonomic design.

The new engine for sending messages offers you the possibility of sending more of your promotional messages in a much shorter time. This engine has been tested on several types of computers and it functioned exemplarily every time. All the tests showed that it is the fastest on the market.

Using this new engine, we’ve created the new PopAdvertiser, which gives you all the IP classes in the world. This facility helps you in targeting your promotional campaign, as the IP classes are divided at a country level.

Besides those facilities, PopAdvertiser has been created in such a way as to give you the report concerning the progress of your session in a real time, putting at your disposal a list with several parameters.

Next to all these, we have to mention the fact that you can save the successful destinations, ading to each campaign new good results. Considering this, the second promotional campaign will take only a few minutes, targeting millions of good destinations.

This is the reason why PopAdvertiser is the most requested program on the market.

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