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Date: August 11, 2004

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Author: Infinity Squared Technologies, Inc.

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Archetype Description

Archetype Free Download.

Archetype 2.0 is designed to save you time setting up and maintaining your personal website. Using Archetype you will have more time to enjoy creating memories for your site rather than updating your site.

Archetype includes a fully dynamic photo album engine allowing you to create and maintain online photo albums with extreme ease. It packs some powerful features such as allowing your visitors to adjust the size of your images to suit their needs.

Using the Dynamic Photo Album you simply upload images to your photo album, the engine takes care of the rest. No more messing with HTML, cropping images, or hosting thumbnails.

The Dynamic Photo Album makes use of our Dynamic Image Scaling engine. Creating thumbnails and downscaling images on the fly with no additional files eating up precious storage space!

By using the Web Journal System you are able to keep your visitors up to date on all your latest news. Effortlessly you can post new articles to your site using the administration interface. No longer do you have to mess with manually updating relevant pages to include the new articles, this is done automatically.

The Web Journal System fully supports RSS 2.0 for your latest Web Journal Entries. RSS allows everything from other websites to portable devices to utilize your Web Journal. Using an RSS aggregator; visitors can be notified when you post journal entries without having to visit your site!

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