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Version: 1.0.3   (version history)
Date: June 22, 2008

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OS: Win 2000/XP/Vista
Rating: Not rated
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Author: qcatsoft

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Easy Save As Description

Easy Save As Free Download.

Just a simple mouse stroke accross your favorite web picture, and the picture is saved to your specified folder.

With Easy Save As, saving a web picture takes only a second. There is no need to interact with the context menu and file dialog box.

Easy Save As can help you save tons of pictures and images from your web browser in just moments.

Normally to save a picture from a web page within Internet Explorer, you would right click on the desired picture, then choose the 'Save Picture As' menu item from the context menu, then name the picture in a file dialog box, then click the Save button...

Easy Save As combines all of those actions into just one action, a mouse stroke. The mouse stroke is very similar to the drag and drop action used with other popular Windows applications.

To save your pictures, simply move the mouse onto the picture, click the left mouse button, hold down the button and move the mouse a little distance, then release the left mouse button.

This can be done very quckly, so that it takes only a second to save a web picture. During your first start up, Easy Save As asks you to specify a folder to save pictures, you can also change the folder at runtime.

Easy Save As keywords: save, picture, image, mouse, stroke

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