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Version: 1.01   (version history)
Date: June 10, 2006

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OS: Win 2000/XP
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Author: MeyerTools Software

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Internet Explorer Pal - IE Pal Description

Internet Explorer Pal - IE Pal Free Download.

IE Pal will allow you to more efficiently use your time when browsing the Internet, by adding some useful functions to your installation of IE

-Quickly hide all IE windows through shortcut keyboard keys (an excellent privacy tool).
This is a privacy feature. Unlike the CLOSE all windows command, this simply places all windows into STEALTH mode (Windows AND taskbar icon), whereby you may again display them (they remain active.... just hidden from view). This is a handy feature to have if you must quickly hide all IE windows from view and then again redisplay them when the moment is again right..

-Save the position and the addresses of all IE windows, for later use (a excellent time saver) .
This feature allows you to store the position, size AND URLs, of all of your open, Internet Explorer Windows and save them into a profile, so that you can restore them to their current state at any time in the future.

-Monitor all the visited sites
You can monitor all visited sites, including the dates and total visits numbers. This can be done in STEALTH mode. This is a perfect tool for parents control.

- Block the access of some sites in accordance with a "black list" of words
You may block access to either specific sites, or to sites based on a keyword or phrase. For example. To specifically block, you'd simply add that URL in it's entirety into the black list provided. However, if you instead entered "adult" alone into the black list, then it would block out ANY site that contained the word adult in it's URL. This, together with our hidden interface modes, can very effectively protect your child's Internet experience.

- Monitor your mail boxes automatically, also in the Gmail
IE Pal can check your POP3 accounts and report the number of messages, and optionally permits you to view the headers only, so that you may delete messages directly on the server, BEFORE your full function e-mail clients gets email.

Many other options.

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