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Version: 1.0   (version history)
Date: August 09, 2006

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OS: Win XP
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Author: Golden Dome Software

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Thumbnail Downloader Toolbar Description

Thumbnail Downloader Toolbar Free Download.

The Thumbnail Downloader Toolbar will download all of the pictures in a set of thumbnails with a single click of a button, saving you time and effort. It consists of an Internet Explorer toolbar with a "Grab Thumbs" button that activates whenever you view a thumbnail gallery page, and a separate downloader window that runs outside of the browser and downloads the pictures while you continue to surf.

You don't need to remember the web addresses of picture sets because the downloader window remembers what you have told it to download and you can stop the downloading and resume it at a later time. It contains three "save schemes" which control where and how the pictures are named and saved, automatically creating directories for saving the galleries and ensuring that there are no filename conflicts. You will no longer need to right-click, select "Save As" from the menu and choose a unique filename each time! It filters out advertising banners and other junk. It does not contain spyware or adware and has been designed to be very easy to use.

The program consists of two parts: an Internet Explorer toolbar that appears inside the browser alongside the other toolbars and a separate downloader window that runs outside of the browser. The toolbar will examine each page that is visited in the browser and if it thinks that the page is a thumbnail picture set it will activate a "Grab Thumbs" button on the toolbar. Pressing this button will send the links to the downloader window which will then download the pictures and save them, ensuring that there are no naming conflicts. The images will be downloaded in the background, allowing the user to continue browsing.

There is also a special "hover button" which can be used to save individual images with a single click - this is useful when you are interested in a few thumbs rather than the whole set. Try it risk-free for 21 days - it is your picture downloading companion for thumbnail galleries!

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