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Version: 1.10   (version history)
Date: November 15, 2006

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OS: Win
Rating: Not rated
Popularity: Popularity 0/10
Author: Byteweaver LLC

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ByteweaverTV Description

ByteweaverTV Free Download.

Watch Satellite And Cable Movie Channels Free On PC No Sub Or Hardware Required. Free Trial.

Instant Download.Works with Win98/ME/NT/2000/XP||Download file size is only 820KB(under 1 MB!)||No additional hardware required||No monthly or annual subscription||Never expires once activated||No adware, no spyware||Activation Key cost: $9.95 (Life-time total cost)ByteweaverTV is easy to use and extremely agile. You can pretty much operate it just like a real TV.

In addition, you can right click anywhere on ByteweaverTV to open up the operating menu. When you need to walk away from your PC and do not really want to share the TV show you are watching with the passers-by, you can simply click on "Hide TV" to put ByteweaverTV in the background.When ByteweaverTV is hiding, it is not visible on your PC monitor. The only reminder that the show is still on is the ByteweaverTV icon on your system tray.

Double click on the icon and the show will be back on again.What do users say about ByteweaverTV? "Incredibly agile, light and easy to use! ""Best!" "ByteweaverTV rocks!"" I really like this program.

I have the kind of job that pays the bills but you can fall asleep on it now and then ..."ByteweaverTV is my my best secret. ""sooooooooooooo gooooooddddd!"" Yes I do like ByteweaverTV. I especially like the Hot Keys control -- better than any remote controls I've put my hands on. Hide the TV shows when you don't want others to see. Bring is back with a key stroke when you are alone again."Once activated, ByteweaverTV is yours to enjoy for as long as you like to.

Still got a question? ask Byteweaver Q. What are the Hot Keys I can use with ByteweaverTV? A. You can use 3 sets of Hot Keys to immediately alter the state of ByteweaverTV:Ctr + Alt + Q: this is the "panic" key. It terminates ByteweaverTV immediately. Ctr + Alt + H: this makes ByteweaverTV invisible. Ctr + Alt + R: this restores ByteweaverTV to normal state after you have made it invisible.

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