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Version: 1.1   (version history)
Date: May 01, 2007

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OS: Win NT/2000/XP
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Author: Zuoer Soft

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Remote Maintenance Tunnel Description

Remote Maintenance Tunnel Free Download.

Need not port mapping, need not dynamic DNS, control computers inside the LAN of your customer with any program you like. Remote Maintenance into Intranet!

For provide servings to customers, are you often need to operate customer's computers?

But if the computers of customer are inside their LAN, are you not afraid of hardwork and had to going to customer's office at once, or loathly, use some remote control software witch can pass through gateway but is not professional? Even you intend to give up your customer? If you are in this trouble, then please use this software, she can help you to rid yourself of the trouble!

Composing ───────── The software is consists of one module of server part, Remote Maintenance Control Center, and one module of client part, Remote Maintenance Tunnel.

The module of server part should be installed on server machine of serving provider, and require that it has a address in public net, or at lowest two ports can be accessed from outside by take port image.

The module of client part can be distributed together with application, and run on a machine inside LAN of customer.

The module of client will establish tunnel with server when it runs, and the maintenance personnel of company can use the tunnel to run remote control software.

Characteristics ─────────────── .

Can establish reliable TCP tunnel between server of company and controlled machine inside LAN of customer unit, and the customer dispense with port mapping, dispense with dynamic DNS resolution serving like as DNS2Go.. Any program of using TCP protocol can use the tunnel established by this software.. Allow multiple clients establish tunnels with server simultaneity.. The server part and client part both can be as windows service and automatic run, client can preserve the tunnel automatically, thereby, can nobody on watch.. The client program has clear running icon and work window, establishing of tunnel can be initiate by client only, and can break manual

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