Internet Color Manager by Blaiz Enterprises Free Download

Version: 1.00.1810   (version history)
Date: May 10, 2007


OS: Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Rating: Not rated
Popularity: Popularity 0/10
Author: Blaiz Enterprises

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Internet Color Manager by Blaiz Enterprises Description

Internet Color Manager by Blaiz Enterprises Free Download.

FREE - Complementary website color tool, for our Get Going Server - Portable. Realtime click and drag color editing for hassle-free website color design.

Program Features:
*Click and drag realtime screen color grab
*Edit up to 512 colors in 100 labelled sections 1,024
*scrolling color history - multi-add mode
*Transmission method POST or GET
*Open / Save / Copy / Paste colors and history
*Supports basic security authentication (login) Standard Features:
*Lightweight architecture (VUN) - minimal resource usage
*Intelligent behaviour
*Built-in help viewer with additional html / plain text external viewing
*Clone support for multiple independent instances
*Smart, built-in network management and display
*User Management (customise options / settings and appearance)
*Multiple-user support
*Delete option
*Detailed program information panels - see Help / Information tab
*Portable support for computer independent operation - no installation, no Start button placement, all files retained on source storage device (usb stick, usb disk etc)
*Integrated Help - (See also left panel Links / Help for online Help)

*No installation Automatically on your Start button for quick, easy and integrated consistent navigation at: .. Start > Programs > Blaiz Enterprises > Image Tools Schemes Folder places itself on your Start button: .. Start > Programs > Blaiz Enterprises > Files > Schemes Cursors Folder places itself on your Start button: .. Start > Programs > Blaiz Enterprises > Files > Cursors Note: Our logos are embedded in program for promotional purposes. However, if you do wish to remove scrolling logos from Internet Color Manager, this would require a small fee for licensing - (See 'Buy with PayPal' below, to receive your License Information): License Internet Color Manager - 1. Run Internet Color Manager 2. Highlight and copy your Unlock Information to Windows clipboard 3. From Internet

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