NetDogSoft Anti-Porn Filter Free Download

Version: V3.9.9   (version history)
Date: October 03, 2008

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OS: Win NT/2000/XP
Rating: Not rated
Popularity: Popularity 0/10
Author: NetDogSoft Anti-Porn Lab

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NetDogSoft Anti-Porn Filter Description

NetDogSoft Anti-Porn Filter Free Download.

NetDogSoft Anti Porn, Block all porn websites quitely and automatically.

NetDogSoft Anti-Porn Filter allows you to easily filter out porn websites on the Internet.

Anti Porn, Anti-Porn software.Protect your computer from Internet Porn websites Now! Anti pornography. NetDog Anti Porn also supports blacklist & greatlist url.

NetDogSoft Anti-Porn Filter can work with all kinds of web browsers.

NetDogSoft also can block URLs which you have defined.(supports WildCard Characters '?' and '*' in URL, also you can define a word such as "porn", that means all URLs contain word "porn" will all be blocked). You can also block all URLs except some special URLs you have decided not to block.

Because NetDog was embed into windows operation system, so None can stop filtering, except logining into NetDogAdmin to change settings by passwords.

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