10-Strike LANState History

Version history for 10-Strike LANState shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Oct 11, 2005) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: 7.8
Size: 9506 KB
OS: Windows
Description:   Monitor hosts, services and servers, files, folders, free space, switches and UPS via SNMP with this network mapping and monitoring program. The network mapper will scan your LAN and create a map with devices being monitored and represented by icons.

v 7.8 updated on Aug 25, 2015

Added ability to substitute custom values instead of OID's in received SNMP traps ("Settings" - "SNMP"). Changed the license policy. Now the license type depends on the total number of allowed hosts on maps.

v 7.6 updated on Dec 08, 2014

Added the Spanish interface language support. Added ability to export network maps to the CSV format (hosts with addresses and some other properties). Added ability of importing hosts from text files (addresses, MAC addresses, names, and descriptions). Added ability to configure custom email

v 7.51 updated on Nov 30, 2014

The program does not require the administrator rights on the first start anymore. Added ability to change the agent port number in the SNMP check (161 by default). The Pro version's web UI improved. Improved the SNMP monitoring check. Improved the SMS sending function when using a GSM/3G modem.

v 5.5 updated on May 31, 2011

Added ability to add images to devices (for example, photographs). Fixed the program hang on retrieving the list of services from an unavailable computer.

v 5.4 updated on Apr 20, 2011

Added sending SMS messages directly via a connected GSM phone. Improved the web interface. Now it works in all modern browsers. Added WMI monitoring, printer monitoring, mapped drive monitoring. Added ability to perform arbitrary SQL requests in the database monitoring check.

v 5.3 updated on Oct 14, 2010

Improved the network discovery feature by supporting the uPnP protocol.

v 5.1 updated on Jun 15, 2010

Improved the network discovery algorithm when scanning network and detecting connection links. Added VLAN support.

v 5.0 updated on Apr 01, 2010

1) Upgraded the program web interface in the Pro version. Now you can switch between all opened network maps in your browser. Network device status is now displayed in the web network map. 2) Added SNMPv3 support which allows working with network devices securely.

v 4.8 updated on Feb 21, 2010

Added monitoring several loaded maps simultaneously. Added exporting network map's background image to Visio.

v 4.6 updated on Aug 12, 2009

Added a mechanism for gathering and storing response time stats (results of network monitoring checks). This data is used for generating charts and colorful reports. Now, you can see when a host was down on a chart.

v 4.5 updated on Jul 10, 2009

Added drawing response time charts ("Reports | Response time chart"). Added configuring days of week for maintenance in the scheduled downtime host's settings. Added the Remote Desktop Protocol connection to the context menu.

v 4.2 updated on Jan 12, 2009

Added ability to use keys in body of e-mail which is sent when a monitoring alert arises. The keys are the same as in screen messages. Disabled showing the OS and state icons when the map is zoomed out.

v 4.1 updated on Oct 09, 2008

Fixed bugs.

v 3.9 updated on May 03, 2008

Added the "Connection Table" showing information on devices connected to switches with port numbers. Added retrieving information from SNMP devices via SNMP protocol. Added the "Switch Port" check. You can be assured that a network device is connected to the same switch port.

v 3.8 updated on Feb 14, 2008

Added mechanism for background searcing for new network hosts in specified IP ranges. Added map scaling (zoom). Added check failure icons which are displayed near device icons. Added checking whether a value obtained during the SMTP monitoring belongs to a specified range.

v 3.7 updated on Nov 08, 2007

Web network map now looks just like the program network map (LANState Pro). Added the Undo function to the network map editor. Added FTP and HTTP monitoring checks.

v 3.6 updated on Sep 21, 2007

Added icons (by the host icon on the map) identifying the OS loaded on the host. Added Windows services check to the hosts monitoring engine. Added checking for processes with aspecific name to the hosts monitoring engine.

v 3.5 updated on Jun 21, 2007

Fixed bugs related to moving objects in the map editor. NetBIOS check added to the host monitoring mechanism. Added 4 new device types: cluster, mainframe, tablet PC, video projector. Function "Wake On LAN" fixed.

v 3.4 updated on May 08, 2007

Fixed the bug with moving areas and hosts.

v 2.4 updated on May 24, 2006

Added new icons for menus, toolbars, and map objects. Added new types of network devices and map objects (ADSL modems, cameras, firewall, file server, etc). There are 24 different objects supported in the program now. Errors fixed.

v 2.3 updated on Mar 06, 2006

Added the Information Report Wizard for creating reports on remote computers. Added the New Network Map Creation Wizard for easier map building. Errors fixed.

v 2.2 updated on Feb 01, 2006

Added getting list of installed software on remote computer. Fixed errors which occurred on Intel Pentium 4 with HyperThreading. Errors fixed.

v 2.1 updated on Dec 21, 2005

Added ability to set the position of a background image (tile, center, stretch, etc). Added ability to open maps using Drag'n'Drop. Line drawing extended (thickness and styles supported). Map saving notifications fixed. The context menu added to the IP address range scanning window. Grid alignment added for map objects.

v 2.0 updated on Nov 22, 2005

- Added viewing remote event logs. - Map size extended to 2000x2000 pixels. You can scroll the map (with background image) using PgUp, PgDn, Home, and End keys. - Fixed error that occured when scrolling the map: lines and areas displayed incorrectly. - Added ability to choose a code page for sending alerts via e-mail. - Added exporting map to XML-scheme. - Printing functionality improoved. - New "Print" button added on the main toolbar. - Added hotkeys: Settings - "P", Printing - "Ctrl-P". - Added exporting map to the BMP format without wallpaper image. - Fixed error when areas did not delete in the area editing mode. - Fixed a little bug with showing messages on alerts. - Added JPG file support for wallpaper image. - Added ability to change a color of all areas simultaneously.

v 1.7 updated on Oct 11, 2005

- New english release.

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