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Version history for SharpShooter Collection shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Jun 20, 2006) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: 7.3.1
Size: 105183 KB
OS: Windows
Description:   SharpShooter Collection is a package of .NET components for data processing, analysis and visualization. The suite includes a report generator, OLAP component, a tool for creating digital dashboards and KPI and a component for charts, graphs design.

v 7.3.1 updated on Sep 23, 2015

SharpShooter Reports All Editions New: Visual Studio 2015 support; New: XLSX cell format support; SharpShooter Reports.Silverlight Improved: XLS export time in Silverlight; SharpShooter Reports.Web Improved: PDF-based printing in web viewer.

v 7.1.0 updated on Dec 03, 2014

Updated HTML5, Silveright and WPF report viewers, improved export to excel and html, Visual Studio 2013 integration

v updated on Nov 09, 2009

New: Printing from Silvelright. Improved: Display of the document, exported to HTML, in MS Office. Fixed: Problem with the memory leak during the opening of Report Viewer, bug with the output of the Picture element, bug with the use of the Round function.

v updated on Jun 23, 2009

Report designer usability is improved Removed: the Alignment dialog; New: ability to edit document tree using Drag&Drop function. New: support for the resolutions other than 96dpi when document is exported; Improved: the RtfText element; now the Rich Edit 4.1 component is used for its implementation.

v updated on Feb 17, 2009

The collections of 180 charts and 80 gauges created in 10 various styles. Report Sharp-Shooter features public end user designer functionality, possibility to use LINQ-to-SQL queries as a data source. Minor bugs and shortcomings were fixed.

v 3.8 updated on Oct 16, 2008

Report Sharp-Shooter: the product features new QR Barcode that is very popular in Japan. It also features master style support. Now, styles specified in the master report are available in sub reports, they can be assigned to to any report element.

v 3.7 updated on Dec 21, 2007

Report Sharp-Shooter: Integrated SQL and XML data sources support Instrumentation ModelKit: DigitalText element, redesigned templates library Chart ModelKit: Imitation of 3D effects OLAP ModelKit: Cube layout allows you to specify header and footer, page header and page footer.

v 3.6 updated on Oct 22, 2007

New: Support for smart tags functionality provides access to the .NET ModelKit Suite components’ common properties in a smart tag window, invoked by a mouse pointer. Improved: Tighter integration of OLAP ModelKit and Chart ModelKit provides the ability to dynamically represent OLAP data as feature-rich charts. No need to adjust components to each other or write sophisticated code. Just place Chart Viewer on the form the DataCubeGrid is located on, few mouse clicks and your data is transformed into useful and meaningful information. Report Sharp-Shooter New: Report Manager editor makes reports design process much easier and faster: a double click on the ReportManager component invokes a special editor that allows editing collections of reports and data sources. New: XPS (XML Paper Specification) export filter provides the ideal tool for storing, displaying and publishing data from WPF applications. It is intended to display a document in the same way across the machines independently from the software installed. So, now a developer can be sure that an end user will get a document in the way it has been designed and besides, it is not possible to copy or edit data by a user. New: Support for PDF417 2D barcode that is irreplaceable for the applications where the data must travel with the labeled item. It can store up to 1,800 printable ASCII characters per symbol and can be used for hazardous materials labeling, storing technical specifications and calibration data on electronic instruments. Improved: Error handling (exception handling) becomes much easier with Report Sharp-Shooter 3.6. Report Sharp-Shooter and OLAP ModelKit Improved: Export to PDF is considerable improved. Now your PDF documents become dramatically smaller due to the files compression.

v 3.5 updated on Aug 15, 2007

The .Net Dashboard Suite 3.5 and Chart ModelKit 3.5 feature new Web Viewers which allow the developers to view charts and digital dashboards in the ASP.NET applications. Report Sharp-Shooter 3.5 includes an improved samples center. Now all examples are gathered in one center.

v 3.0 updated on Jun 05, 2007

Improved visual interface, new designers, improved report viewer, re-designed mechanism of data grouping, the DataBand functionality is extended, re-designed mechanism of working with aggregate functions, new syntax editor.

v 2.0 updated on Jun 20, 2006

Unknown changes

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