Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale History

Version history for Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Feb 21, 2005) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: 8.6
Size: 7526 KB
OS: Windows
Description:   A complete restaurant management system that encompasses all aspects of the restaurant, from taking orders to billing and tax reports. A rich set of reports covers all restaurant operations and life cycles. Easy to install and use; affordably priced.

v 8.6 updated on Sep 29, 2016

Made speed optimizations for New Order and Orders window; added new Show More button option for Login window.

v 8.5 updated on Sep 11, 2016

Implemented export of sales transactions into QuickBooks accounting software.

v 8.4 updated on Sep 05, 2016

Corrected several issues with layouts of Z-Out report and custom format invoices.

v 8.1 updated on Apr 25, 2016

Added Stock Locations feature, new bill configuration parameters.

v 8.0 updated on Mar 30, 2016

Added support of sales locations, new tasks and notes windows.

v 7.10 updated on Mar 06, 2016

Added new cash report; corrected several issues.

v 7.9 updated on Jan 31, 2016

Added many new security roles.

v 7.8 updated on Jan 09, 2016

Added many internal database structure changes to increase speed.

v 7.7 updated on Dec 14, 2015

Added several improvements for split order window.

v 7.6 updated on Nov 02, 2015

Added new discount related security field and corrected issue with discount.

v 7.5 updated on Sep 02, 2015

Added new gift card improvements and database structure changes.

v 7.4 updated on Aug 25, 2015

Added Ask for Print Bill option and more loyalty points tags.

v 7.3 updated on Jul 03, 2015

Added new bill configuration parameter and implemented minor improvements.

v 7.2 updated on May 25, 2015

Added total rounding amount and order number format options.

v 7.1 updated on Apr 21, 2015

Added Client Type field on Clients window and new Sales of clients by client type report.

v 7.0 updated on Mar 23, 2015

Added support of gift cards and loyalty points programs.

v 6.12 updated on Nov 30, 2014

added New Order button on Clients window; using of thousand separator; barcodes with weight digits.

v 5.0 updated on Jun 03, 2011

Improvement inventory management options.

v 4.7 updated on Dec 10, 2010

Improvement inventory management options.

v 4.6 updated on Aug 10, 2010

Possibility to display total in second currency; new Tips by Waitress report.

v 4.5.2 updated on May 06, 2010

Implemented support of credit card processing without OPOS drivers; added new security role.

v 4.5.1 updated on Apr 29, 2010

Added new reports: Average serving time by server and Average serving time by waitress.

v 4.5 updated on Apr 22, 2010

* Feature: Currency ($ off) discounts for orders. * Bug fixed: paid tips were not shown on Take Payment method for manual tips calculation method. * Bug fixed: in some cases credit card information was not captured by MSR for credit card processing.

v 4.4.3 updated on Apr 07, 2010

Added new option: "Allow selling items with zero on hand quantities". When option is not checked it's not possible to add an item to an order if on hand quantity of item is zero (when there is no such item on stock).

v 4.4.1 updated on Apr 01, 2010

Corrected some issues related to z-out cash drawer reconciliation when working on several workstations.

v 4.4 updated on Mar 13, 2010

Now security roles can be assigned to each worker to access only specified areas of program.

v 4.3.1 updated on Mar 03, 2010

Corrected minor issues: worker's name was not shown sometimes on Orders window and reports; Delete Order button did not update inventory.

v 4.3 updated on Feb 21, 2010

Added Payments on Clients in-house Accounts, improved Z-Out/End of Day procedures.

v 4.2.1 updated on Dec 21, 2009

Corrected various minor issues.

v 4.2 updated on Nov 29, 2009

Corrected many issues related to hardware devices.

v 3.4 updated on May 08, 2009

Added various order configuration options, minor issues were fixed.

v 3.3 updated on Mar 30, 2009

Possibility to use customized currency denominations, added new options for end of day process.

v 2.6.1 updated on Nov 23, 2007

Corrected various minor issues in inventory and shifts.

v 2.6 updated on Oct 24, 2007

Added new bill customization parameters. Interface was adjusted for screen 800x600 resolution.

v 2.5 updated on Oct 12, 2007

Added support for SplFp fiscal printer and new options for Take Payment window.

v 2.4.1 updated on Sep 21, 2007

Corrected a minor issue in Z-Out.

v 2.3 updated on Aug 17, 2007

New Z-Out features, Price Schedule, Delete Orders button, and bill customization parameters.

v 2.2.1 updated on Aug 15, 2007

Corrected an important issue related to bill totals calculation. Corrected various minor issues.

v 2.2 updated on Jul 09, 2007

Added inventory and purchasing modules. New feature: Email Sender to send emails to Clients, Vendors or Workers.

v 2.1.4 updated on Jun 13, 2007

Corrected various issues concerning currency format with comma (,) as decimal separator used in most European countries.

v 2.1.2 updated on May 24, 2007

Added Exemption Limit parameter for tips and corrected various minor issues.

v 2.1.1 updated on May 11, 2007

Corrected various issues related to displaying different currencies and much more!

v 2.1 updated on Apr 26, 2007

Improved tips module, new Sales by Hostess Details report, new bill configuration parameters and much more!

v 1.8 updated on Feb 21, 2005

* Feature: Possibility to save/export reports into Word, Excel, PDF and text files. * Feature: Possibility to choose tables by using "Tables Plan". See small button right to "table code" field in Order window. In order to arrange tables use main menu - Configuration - Tables Plan and drag-n-drop tables into needed positions. * Feature: Possibility to display icons for categories in Order window like it was done for Available Menu Items. Please go to main menu - Configuration - Item Categories and load icons for each categories. Then in Order window you may change Views for categories into Icons. * Feature: New report: Sales by categories. * Feature: New parameter: State/Province tax. * Feature: Added Divide Order into equals parts action. Read more: http://www.abacre.com/restaurantpos/manual/actdivideorder.htm * Feature: Possibility to sort items by any column in main menu - Configuration - Menu Items. Just click on column header to sort. * Feature: Added code column to report Sales by Menu Items. * Bug fixed: Error message appeared when all menu items were deleted. * Bug fixed: Error message during removing menu item using -qty*code formula.

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