ABC Amber CHM Converter History

Version history for ABC Amber CHM Converter shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Jan 24, 2005) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: 7.37
Size: 1978 KB
OS: Windows
Description:   ABC Amber CHM Converter is a batch decompiler for Compiled Windows HTML Help files (*.chm) you've been searching for a long time. Taking CHM files or CHM ebooks, it will convert them to any document format you wish.

v 7.37 updated on Apr 26, 2010

remove Previous and Next buttons feature improved

v 7.35 updated on Jun 08, 2009

fixed CHM import

v 7.30 updated on Jan 11, 2009

new feature - "load pictures from other CHMs"

v 7.25 updated on Jul 09, 2008

improved CHM import (when TOC file is absent), improved HTML import (background image for the cells)

v 7.16 updated on Mar 27, 2008

improved export to DOC and RTF, other improvements

v 7.14 updated on Dec 26, 2007

"remove Previous and Next buttons" option

v 7.12 updated on Nov 16, 2007

fixed conversion to HTML, RTF, DOC

v 7.08 updated on Oct 26, 2007

"adjust tables width" option

v 7.07 updated on Oct 12, 2007

"force all fonts to a certain font" option, fixed the bug with Fonts in PDF

v 7.06 updated on Sep 19, 2007

fixed CHM import

v 7.04 updated on Aug 17, 2007

RTF and DOC options (Paper size: Letter, Tabloid, Legal, A3, A4, etc.), improvements

v 7.01 updated on Aug 15, 2007

Windows Vista support

v 6.32 updated on Jul 09, 2007

improved export to PDF

v 6.27 updated on Jun 22, 2007

improved scale algorithm, new splash, new options for page numbering

v 6.26 updated on May 25, 2007

improved HTML import (hot-pictures), improvements

v 6.25 updated on May 08, 2007

fixed HTML import

v 6.22 updated on May 01, 2007

fixed HTML import

v 6.20 updated on Apr 26, 2007

fixed export to HLP

v 6.04 updated on Oct 02, 2006

"choose output folder (batch conversion)" option

v 6.03 updated on Sep 20, 2006

conversion to PDB (Palm document), WordPerfect 6-12

v 5.10 updated on Aug 20, 2006

improved HHC parser

v 5.07 updated on Aug 12, 2006

fixed CHM-to-HLP conversion (internal links), improved HLP export

v 5.05 updated on Jul 24, 2006

fixes (preserve internal links)

v 5.01 updated on Jul 09, 2006

fixed a serious bug when exporting to PDF

v 4.17 updated on Jun 26, 2006

convert tables to text (MS Word) option

v 4.16 updated on Jun 15, 2006

fixed HTML parser

v 4.12 updated on May 18, 2006

export to PDF (HHK), Search tab, etc.

v 4.10 updated on Apr 28, 2006

minor fixes

v 4.09 updated on Mar 06, 2006

fixes (preserve local links)

v 4.07 updated on Feb 28, 2006

"don't duplicate pages" option (when topics in CHM have the same html source)

v 4.03 updated on Jan 25, 2006


v 3.07 updated on Dec 12, 2005

fixes (tables, bookmarks), "Play sounds when Amber finishes the conversion" option

v 3.03 updated on Nov 28, 2005

now the program can process merged CHMs

v 3.02 updated on Nov 14, 2005


v 3.01 updated on Nov 03, 2005

now the program doesn't need MS HTML Help to be installed at all, fixes

v 2.30 updated on Sep 19, 2005


v 2.29 updated on Sep 05, 2005

new options for PDF bookmarks

v 2.28 updated on Aug 22, 2005

fixes, improvements

v 2.24 updated on Aug 08, 2005

convert only selected topic, fixes

v 2.18 updated on Jul 25, 2005

convert all topics or convert starting from the selected topic

v 2.16 updated on Jun 27, 2005


v 2.15 updated on May 30, 2005


v 2.14 updated on May 16, 2005

Unknown changes

v 2.12 updated on Mar 21, 2005


v 2.10 updated on Mar 07, 2005

Unknown changes

v 2.08 updated on Feb 21, 2005


v 2.06 updated on Jan 24, 2005


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