Abyss Web Server X1 History

Version history for Abyss Web Server X1 shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Nov 25, 2004) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: 2.11.1
Size: 2068 KB
OS: Windows
Description:   Abyss Web Server X1 is a free and compact Web server. It supports SSL, compression, CGI / FastCGI, ISAPI, XSSI, ASP.NET, URL rewriting, bandwidth throttling, anti-leeching, anti-hacking, and features a remote web management interface.

v 2.11.1 updated on Aug 10, 2016

Updated SSL/TLS engine, fixed minor issues introduced in version 2.11

v 2.11 updated on Apr 25, 2016

SNI support, SHA2 certificates, HTTP/1.1 reverse proxy, responsive Web management interface (Console)

v updated on Dec 02, 2014

Hardened SSL/TLS support

v 2.7 updated on May 30, 2011

Native 64-bit edition, support for ASP.NET 4, accurate control over FastCGI processes

v 2.5 updated on Sep 24, 2007

Support for secure SSL connections (HTTPS), integrated SSL certificates management interface, updated documentation

v 2.4 updated on May 07, 2007

Support for Windows Vista, support for URL rewriting, support for remote FastCGI servers, support for Ruby on Rails, updated documentation

v 2.3.2 updated on Jun 08, 2006

Support for FastCGI over named pipes, Improved native ASP.NET support, custom HTTP headers, updated documentation

v 2.3 updated on Mar 30, 2006

Native ASP.NET support, FastCGI support, correct handling of accentuated characters in user names and passwords, updated documentation

v 2.0.6 updated on Jun 23, 2005

Extended SSI support, more detailed directory listing scope, support for new CGI environment variables, compatibility with more ISAPI extensions, updated documentation

v 2.0 updated on Mar 21, 2005

Many new features including a multilingual configuration interface, bandwidth throttling, anti-hacking, anti-leeching, IP access control, custom directory listings, ISAPI support, etc...

v X1 updated on Nov 25, 2004

Minor bug fixes

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