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Version history for All My Movies shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Jan 12, 2005) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: 8.8
Size: 12973 KB
OS: Windows
Description:   Organize your movie collection and track loans with All My Movies. All My Movies delivers what other products just promise: a really fast way to organize your movies. Just enter movie name or UPC code, and get everything else from the Internet.

v 8.8 updated on Sep 05, 2016

- added a field for the personal movie rating - added the ability to sort movies by date added and date modified in the "Append from..." dialog. Click with right mouse button on the list and use popup menu to change sort mode - added statistics chart by File type. Press F5 to open

v 8.7 updated on Apr 25, 2016

- bigger buttons on the toolbar, new panels added for quick sort/group the collection and more - added the ability to import movie details from Kodi .nfo files - added the ability to group movies by Scenario - group by director and scenario now possible with the popup menu

v 8.6 updated on Dec 28, 2015

- added the ability to batch update media info from the linked video files in menu item "Tools - Batch update movie details..." - batch movie files rename feature now can create folders and can use "Quality" field value - added generic parser for unknown URLs

v 8.5 updated on Sep 23, 2015

- improved module for getting images from scanners. More devices are supported now - added the ability to tune hue and brightness for the current skin - added a button to paste image from Clipboard as Screenshot - added an ability to continue batch update of the movie details process

v 8.4 updated on Sep 14, 2015

- added the ability to get tv series details from - added dropdown lists with the possible values for almost any field in the "Movie Search" dialog - a lot of minor issues were addressed

v 8.3 updated on Apr 06, 2015

- added new db field named "Quality" in the MediaInfo tab of the movie card dialog - added dropdown lists with the possible values for the most of the fields in the movie card. Press "arrow down" key in field to activate. - added a button to open the folder with the backup copies

v 8.2 updated on Feb 22, 2015

- "generate playlist" function now works for TV Series too - now you can resize movie card window - fixed search movie details on - faster upload to web server during export to the mobile device - added the ability to save scanned image as a screenshot

v 8.1 updated on Dec 02, 2014

- added ability to search substring in any field in "Search movie" function - added ability to search for movies that doesn't contain substring, just enter it as !substring in the "Movie Search" dialog - added ability to use AND and OR logical operands for Genre field in advanced movie search

v 6.4 updated on May 25, 2011

- added "Advanced Filters" feature. Now you can create your own filter for the database in Book Search function and then access it quickly from Quick Filters menu - added ability to change the sort column by clicking on the column's header in the statistics - fixed movie search on IMDb

v 6.3 updated on Mar 14, 2011

- added: seen, wishlist and personal marks criterias to the Movie Search function - added: ability to batch update the details for unfilled persons only - added: ability to import price and media count from MS Excel and text - added: "media count" is clickable now in the movie details area

v 6.0 updated on Jul 27, 2010

- added: network mode. You can use one shared database file from several computers at once - added: ability to set password for database changes. If the password set, the database opened in read-only mode by default - added: getting movie details from,,

v 5.9 updated on Feb 26, 2010

- added: getting _full_ movie cast from IMDb - added: "Tools-Create catalog for Dune players" menu item - added: "Export to image" - when file name is TVIX, the program will generate folder.jpg automatically (for TVIX player owners) - added: plugin to import movie details from

v 5.8 updated on Jan 12, 2010

- added: Up and Down keys moves to previous/next match while cursor is in quick movie search field - added: Enter key pressed in the movie list is equal to double click on movie - added: "Generate dune_folder.txt file" option to "Export to image" function for Dune mediaplayer owners AND MORE:)

v 5.7 updated on Nov 18, 2009

- added: "Show New" option to "Quick Filter" menu - added: Batch person's details import in Names directory. - improved: updating movie details from IMDb - fixed: Unseen Episode details displaying

v 5.6 updated on Sep 14, 2009

- added: personal mark dependent color highlighting for the movie thumbnails - added: an ability to update movie details from IMDb for the selected movies only - added: "seen" property for episodes - added: additional options to "Export movie card to image" function

v 5.3 updated on Jan 26, 2009

- added: an ability to assign a video file for each episode in series. - added: export to PDF feature - added: statistics for custom fields and personal marks - new tab in Statistics dialog - added: ability to switch Seen and Wishlist flags from the popup menu

v 5.2 updated on Dec 09, 2008

- added: multilevel automatic backup feature - added: several fields has been added to the list of printable ones (custom defined fields, Total movies and MovieID) - added: "Genres" and "Media types" items to the "Directories" menu.

v 5.1 updated on Oct 23, 2008

- added: new view mode - Cover Thumbnails. Use menu View to switch view mode - added: new print report template - "Compact". Up to 270 movies per standard A4 page - added: special button to Episodes tab for quick episodes removing except the selected season

v 4.9 updated on May 30, 2008

- added: MediaInfo.dll support for better handling MKV and other video file details import. - added: an option to auto check for updates weekly. - added: two new filters to Names directory - "show person for the selected movie only" and "show unfilled person profiles"

v 4.8 updated on Apr 18, 2008

- added: editable screenshots list to the movie card dialog - added: group by custom fields feature - added: ability to automatically update all empty fields from IMDb, not only the rating - added: screenshots import from

v 4.7 updated on Feb 18, 2008

- added TV Series support! New tab "Episodes" in the movie card. Auto import episode details from IMDb - added Price and Trailer fields to the database - added "Show series" quick filter - small improvements in description import from - fixed: import from and IMDb

v 4.6 updated on Dec 26, 2007

- added: popup hint for all external links in the movie detail area - added: new icons - added: ability to set and remove personal marks for the selected movies using popup menu (over movie list) - added: XLXS (MS Excel 2007) format support for import your movies from

v 4.5 updated on Nov 16, 2007

- added: extended friends directory - added: loan history displaying - added: new HTML template for the movie card named "Indian" - added: ability to set a short hint for any screenshot or cover image. Use popup menu item "Modify hint" - fixed: Large cover import from

v 4.4 updated on Aug 20, 2007

- added: if the person additional details are available they are shown as a hint when you move the mouse over the name - added: Expert options tab in Preferences dialog - added: ability to store all the images in a separate folder instead of the database

v 4.3 updated on Jun 21, 2007

- added: if the person additional details are available they are shown as a hint when you move the mouse over the name - added: Expert options tab in Preferences dialog - added: ability to store all the images in a separate folder instead of the database

v 4.2 updated on May 04, 2007

+ability to highlight flagged movies with the given color in the list +Dacal DC300 CD Library device support +German DVD barcodes lookup support +Chinese simplified translation and Portuguese (Portugal) translation and support for the names details lookup *bugs fixed

v 3.95 updated on Jun 27, 2006

- added: rating import from - added: Croatian translation - added: one-click filter by media location and media label - added: studio and screenshots import from - added: shortcuts for HTML templates [amm:seen] and [amm:wishlist]. - added: trick: you can avoid auto screenshot adding by holding ALT key while "Loading file" even if batch mode is turned on - added: Bulgarian translation - many minor fixes

v 3.9 updated on Mar 02, 2006

- added: export to CHM (compiled HTML) format; - added: CHM format is also used for "Share with friend" feature; - added: unlimited amount of custom personal marks. Look "Custom fields" tab in the Preferences; - added: ability to show overdue movies; - added: selected movie count written to the status bar; - added: support of Description field when using CSV format for the import/export; - improved: rating stars drawing; - FIXED: database backup routine; - fixed: auto screenshot capture when adding from file and "Batch mode" is on; - fixed: Media Type reset to the first available media type when editing the movie with the empty Media Type field; - fixed: collection navigation buttons works from the movie card window in tree view mode too; - fixed: import bug relating to quotes in the movie titles; - fixed: font setting for the MPAA field now works;

v 3.8 updated on Nov 29, 2005

- added: ability to add additional columns to the movie list grid. See the Preferences - added: ability to select main window layout. You can set the movies grid to the top and to the left. See the Preferences - added: ability to export collection to the mobile devices with Windows Mobile installed. - added: SPANISH online database support - - added: Spanish language file - added: ITALIAN online database support - - added: several movie on one DVD support. You can select the specific VTS chain (movie) when "Add from DVD" - added: ability to hide needless online databases from the list. See the Preferences, Online databases tab - added: new main icon - added: scrolling with the mouse wheel in the tree-mode - added: Play button works for CD and DVD-based movies too, not only from HDD - added: ability to delete all screenshots at once for the selected movie. Use right click popup menu. - added: ability to select default online database to download large covers from. - added: auto movie details window closing when using menu "Get large cover" and cover was downloaded successfully - added: another trick. CTRL-D shortcut for dublicate current movie. Do not work in tree-mode. - added: [amm:strloan] and [amm:loan] shortcuts for use with HTML templates - fixed: import routine improved. Tagline import added. - fixed: import routine improved. - fixed: import routine improved - fixed: import routine improved. Now the fastest search in Russian - fixed: minor plugin loading bug - fixed: barcode lookup routine - fixed: cover import bug when only one movie title was returned - fixed: HTML export. When rating is 0 and stars rating is not used, outputs "N/A" instead of "0/100" - fixed: minor fixes in the import from routine - fixed: minor fixes in the import from routine - fixed: possibly, non English titles will be seek better - fixed: minor fix for fast filter by country - fixed: OK button in the "edit movie details" window is enabled when only one title variant is filled

v 3.7 updated on Oct 04, 2005

- added: Batch screenshot capture function. You can auto capture specified number of movie frames; - added: ability to input direct URL to the movie details page in case of search failure; - added: Play Movie button to the toolbar. Works when Local Path is valid and the movie has Media Type of HDD; - added: ability to select and add several screenshots at once when adding them from files; - added: sort movie list by rating; - added: now you can invert filters by holding Shift key when applying them For example, hold Shift and use menu Quick Filter-Show Unseen to show all seen movies; - added: Defaults button to the preferences window to reset all preferences to default values; - added: if Description or Comments has an URL inside the text, these fields are clickable and URL will be opened in the default browser; - added: menu item "Download more plugins". Menu item "Plugins" moved to the top level menu; - added: [amm:urltext] and [amm:urltext] shortcuts to HTML templates. For text values instead of hyperlinks for these fields; - added: [amm:rating] shortcut now supports stars in HTML export. Use added shortcut [amm:ratingtext] to get rating as text; - added: sample.amm rewrite warning when update is available. Help-Check for updates; - added: [amm:straudinfo] and [amm:audinfo] shortcuts for HTML templates; - added: now selection of the movie from the online database lookup results happens after _double_-click or navigation using cursor keys and pressing Enter key; - added: keyboard shortcuts in the edit movie detail window: CTRL-Enter to accept changes, ALT-right arrow - accept changes and edit next movie details, ALT-left arrow - accept changes and edit previous movie details; - fixed: found bugs

v 3.6 updated on Aug 10, 2005

- added: ability to return movie with double click from statistics window - added: ability to copy selected movie titles with CTRL-C - added: plugin API extended - added: mouse wheel movie list scrolling - added: Next Movie and Previous movie buttons in the Edit Movie Details window - added: Dutch online database support - added: Polish online database support - added: ability to paste screenshot or cover image from the clipboard - added: Esc key cancels any filtering or grouping - added: zero value to stars rating ComboBox - added: Media Labels as a field for fast filter at the top of the main window - added: special ordering process for Poland. Works when Polish translation is active. - added: movie list width is saved now - added: [amm:strlocalpath] and [amm:localpath] shortcuts for HTML templates - added: movie details preview appears before OK button pressed when import from online databases - added: pressing a letter key in the main window will locate movie with this first letter in title. Don't works in the treeview mode -fixed: many minor bugs

v 3.5 updated on May 19, 2005

- added: new checkboxes in the movie card: Seen and Wishlist - added: optional ability to display rating with stars instead of numbers. By default it is on - added: database field Studio - added: another Russian online movie database support - - added: Swedish interface language - added: media count is shown when exports Media Type to MS Excel if count greater than one - added: ability to turn off feature of marking loaned all movies with identical MediaLabel. - fixed: database queries speed optimization - fixed: many minor bugs. Thanks for reports! - fixed: import movie details from a bit improved - fixed: only unfilled fields are imported from online databases now - fixed: URL saving when import from IMDb

v 3.4 updated on Apr 06, 2005

added: Online database selection button to "Add new movie" window; added: large cover import from; added: new HTML templates! Including templates for CD and DVD covers printing; added: new online database support: (Dutch and French); added: HTML templates are translated to supported languages; added: when export to HTML - splitting by given movie count per page; added: [amm:lastupdate] tag in the HTML templates; added: Media label field for searching using F3; added: Finnish and Lithuanian translations; fixed: all bugs collected with the new bug handling system was fixed;

v 3.3 updated on Mar 11, 2005

added: German online movie database support; added: batch mode for Add by Barcode... command; added: and (DVD Region 2!) are also used when searches by barcode; added: quick filter enchanced with a popup menu. Now you can select to quick filter by genre, year, media type, media location, aspect ratio and country; added translations: Ukrainian, Macedonian, Romanian, Norwegian, Czech; added: hidden feature :) press CTRL-F10 to get list of movies with empty URL field (not imported from online databases yet); added: Press CTRL-F11 to get movie list with an empty LocalPath field; added: Updating Local Path now will update audio and video streams details; added: List of recently opened databases added in Database menu; added: Loan manager marks all movies with identical MediaLabel at once. For medias with multiple movies; added: plugin API extended;

v 3.2 updated on Jan 12, 2005

+DVD search by barcode feature; +ability to scan cover images using any TWAIN compatible device like a scanner; +import from excel file; online database support; +fields moving with doubleclick implemented (export dialogs); +WMV support; +group by first movie title letter and by media label; +export screenshot to jpg; +ability to sort reports by genre; +fields to include in export are saved now and will restore in the next export operation; +user defined fields are available for HTML templates now; +several new HTML templates; *some serious and many minor bugs were fixed;

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