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Version history for Atrise Everyfind shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Dec 24, 2004) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: 10.1.0
Size: 1617.4 KB
OS: Windows
Description:   Everyfind allows you to design a website search engine for web site, PC DVD disc, MP3 / OGG music, office and PDF files. It can index most file formats and generate ultrafast, powerfull and compact search engine.

v 10.1.0 updated on Dec 01, 2014

New HTML5 tags support.; Tested with Windows 10 Technical Preview.; Andrew Revvo CA-signed.; Installer minor changes.

v 9.2.1 updated on May 04, 2011

Tested in IE9 and Firefox4; Bugfixes

v 9.0.0 updated on Dec 26, 2007

Performance optimizations; Support of UTF-8 encoding; New search engine script; Program UI modifications; Another new features and bugfixes.

v 8.0.2 updated on Sep 26, 2007

PDF library is updated; Bugfix: Incorrect title and description in some PDF files; Bugfix: Indexing of a keyword "-" is now disabled.

v 8.0.1 updated on Jul 17, 2007

Everyfind Manual is corrected. Bugfix: In some fault cases Everyfind does not delete ~temp~ files; Bugfix: Project settings files must not be indexing.

v 8.0.0 updated on May 11, 2007

Personal, Pro and Enterprise Editions. Feature set and install files are now different; Support of indexing file formats over industry standard IFilter API; Microsoft Word and Excel are now indexed over IFilter API; Microsoft PowerPoint indexing support is added; Other changes

v 7.1.1 updated on Apr 26, 2007

A bug with indexing complex RTF or MS Word documents is fixed.

v 7.0.2 updated on Aug 08, 2006

Bug with indexing title and metatags is fixed; Bug with indexing JSPageTitleSign substring in HTML file is fixed; Bug fixed: Some settings were always default; New feature: You can add to your HTML files your metatag with everyfind category code; New feature: You can describe a list of directories to prevent Everyfind index them. See StopDirs setting.

v 7.0.0 updated on Jun 01, 2006

Redesigned user interface look; New search engine dialog with templates preview; Default project is now located in My Documents directory; Internal settings editor; Per-project settings; Now works correctly on limited computer access right accounts; No more web page security warnings on Internet Explorer on XP SP2 and later; Default search database is changed; Minor user interface bug fixes; New help system, based on PDF; New example search engine based on a mp3 music collection; New installer; Demo version limitation scheme is changed. Now it saves all keywords, but with a text about a demo mode; Setting files small corrections; Everyfind correctly searches it's own directory; Performance improvements.

v 6.0.4 updated on Jan 20, 2006

Invalid conversion bug fixed; RTF indexing corrected; In some cases documents were not indexed correcly. This bug is fixed; Deleting all categories in some cases causes the program fault. This bug is fixed; Corrected for new atrise web site structure; Minor interface and internal code changes.

v 6.0.3 updated on Oct 14, 2005

Windows XP x64 compatible tests passed; A bug with JavaScript error on some IE encoding settings fixed. Please update your search.html file; Minor interface changes; New installer version.

v 6.0.2 updated on Mar 07, 2005

Everyfind was not be executed on website in Mozilla, Firefox and Opera because ""-path symbol was used instead of "/". The bug is corrected; Some templates are corrected to be correctly displayed in Mozilla Firefox.

v 6.0.1 updated on Dec 24, 2004

In some cases Everyfind cannot index *.doc files. This version indexes these files in a binary mode; Installer is fixed.

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