BestSync History

Version history for BestSync shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Aug 20, 2009) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Size: 9643 KB
OS: Windows
Description:   BestSync is a professional utility for synchronizing / backup file / mail to FTP / SFTP / WebDAV / Amazon S3 / Windows Azure / Google Storage / Rackspace Cloud Files / SkyDrive / Google Drive / DropBox / Shared folder / USB drive with security and advanced features.

v updated on Mar 15, 2015

Fixed some bugs of SFTP feature.

v updated on Dec 08, 2014

Fixed a bug in ver9.0.3.x that caused new task failed to synchronize with network shared folder.

v 6.1.08 updated on May 04, 2011

Bug fix: When a sync task is moved from a non-service group to the service group, the task is not started as a service, and is lost when BestSync restarts.

v 6.1.03 updated on Mar 16, 2011

Fixed a bug in detecting moving of files.

v 6.0.06 updated on Jan 19, 2011

Supported synchronizing with 64bit Outlook 2010 in BestSync 64bit version.

v 5.4.18 updated on Sep 29, 2010

Fixed a bug that the detailed result was not exported when export log information to html or csv file in the LogView.

v 5.4.12 updated on Aug 16, 2010

Fixed a bug from version 5.4.09 that copying 0 byte file fails with "Invalid argument" error.

v 5.4.10 updated on Aug 10, 2010

Fixed a problem that may miss file in synchronization when using multiple threads to sync FTP and the occasionally one of the threads fails to log on FTP server.

v 5.4.08 updated on Jul 27, 2010

Fixed a problem that the shell extension is not registered correctly on 64 bit system.

v 5.4.05 updated on Jul 13, 2010

Improved the excluding and including function to support complicated combination of excluding and including rules, and minor bug fixes.

v 5.4.03 updated on Jul 06, 2010

mproved the resuming feature and segmented download feature. If the file has not been changed, the transfer can be resumed from the stopped points of the last synchronization.

v 5.4.00 updated on Jun 28, 2010

Implemented a new feature to compress the attached log data to ZIP file when sending the log mail.

v 5.3.12 updated on Jun 15, 2010

Used Visual Studio 2010 to analyze the source code and fixed some potential problems.

v 5.3.10 updated on Jun 10, 2010

Fixed a problem that may block the FTP at the connecting time.

v 5.3.04 updated on May 17, 2010

Supported FTP over TLS/SSL, and other bug fixes and improvements.

v 5.2.02 updated on May 12, 2010

Improved the parsing routine of FTP LIST command.

v 5.2.00 updated on Apr 26, 2010

Signed all the programs and installers by "Code signing Certificate" and bug fixes.

v 5.1.60 updated on Apr 22, 2010

Fixed a bug that the processing result does not show when preview a running task.

v 5.1.51 updated on Apr 12, 2010

Supported date-time fields in the email subject and application arguments.

v 5.1.50 updated on Apr 03, 2010

Support transferring file in FTP active-mode behind NAT, and be able to configure the Windows Firewall automatically.

v 5.0.52 updated on Mar 09, 2010

Added a new feature to exclude VSS-Writers and components from the VSS volume.

v 5.0.50 updated on Feb 23, 2010

Fixed a bug that caused endless notification when monitoring the file change.

v 5.0.48 updated on Feb 16, 2010

Improved the memory management and decreased memory usage. Now 32Bit version can process more than 50,000,000 files.

v 5.0.46 updated on Feb 09, 2010

Implemented the tab page for modifying the setting of task.

v 5.0.41 updated on Jan 27, 2010

Fixed a bug when setup backup option of the task and other improvements.

v 5.0.38 updated on Jan 13, 2010

Support scanning multiple sub-folders simultaneously, copying multiple files simultaneously, downloading one large file by multiple FTP sessions.

v 4.2.38 updated on Dec 10, 2009

Improved the Outlook synchronization feature to synchronize the mails that have long subject. And bug fixes.

v 4.2.22 updated on Oct 20, 2009

Implemented a more accurate method to synchronize Outlook mails.

v 4.2.09 updated on Aug 20, 2009

Ver4.2.09 Improvement: Supported copying timestamp of the folder, and other bug fixes.

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