BulletProof FTP Server History

Version history for BulletProof FTP Server shows you how often it was updated over the past months (starting Nov 11, 2008) as well as 'what is new' information for each update (if available, since this information provided by the author).

Version: 2014.1.2.21
Size: 14616 KB
OS: Windows
Description:   BPFTP Server is a powerful FTP Server for business, corporate or even home use. Both easy to use through a fully graphical control method and powerful with control over everything!

v 2014.1.2.21 updated on Mar 15, 2015

A summary of this release comprises of: - Fixes for Events Mgr -> SMTP and processing of %VARIABLES VERSION DETAILS =============== x Fixed, + Added, * Improved/Changed, i Information, ! Wish-List from Customers Version 2014.1.2.22 - 2015-FEB-03 --------------------------------- x Fixed: Management -> Events Manager -> SMTP: Added support for %VARIABLE in TO/CC/BCC x Fixed: Management -> Events Manager -> SMTP: TO was always using the Email address of the sender configured in Management -> Settings -> Email x Fixed: Management -> Events Manager -> SMTP: BCC/CC was not correctly being used x Fixed: Management -> Events Manager -> SMTP: Fixed a problem where the last-line of the email body was being duplicated x Fixed: Management -> Events Manager -> SMTP: Added UUENCODE and max-line-length of 76 x Fixed: Management -> Events Manager -> SMTP: Resolved a problem parsing for the %VARIABLE in the message body. It was output all variables instead

v 2014.1.0.21 updated on Dec 01, 2014

A summary of this release comprises of: - Fix for Crash on Terminatation - Fix for passive-mode data-ports - Exception in Console -> Error Log VERSION DETAILS =============== x Fixed, + Added, * Improved/Changed, i Information, ! Wish-List from Customers Version 2014.1.0.21 - 2014-SEP-04 --------------------------------- * Improved: Server Monitor -> Log Watch: Removed a log message for every data-connection that is opened and NAT/PMP was not found to be supported during first attempt. Message removed "NAT/Router does not support UPnP Port-Mapping (NAT-PMP) as the first request timed-out. Trusting that port-forwarding is active for tcp/ip port:[99999] (on WAN) at the NAT/Router." x Fixed: Management -> Settings -> NAT/Firewall -> Passive Data-Port Range: Reworked the changes made in 2014.1.0.20 to correct a rare condition of "integer overflow" and bug in which "socket-settings" where not reset upon trying another data-port (which caused it to not work on busy-port and still returned 21 as the data-port) x Fixed: CRASH ON CLOSE: wrapped an exception handler around code in the form-destruction which was generating a crash-report TFBPSMain.FormDestroy()::FBPSDM_InternalLists.HitMeter_Download_SortAndStore.Free() * Improved: Server Monitor -> Current Activity: removed reporting of *all* handled-exceptions to the Console -> Error Log, reporting only or when debug-logging is enabled (or $ifdef DEBUG)

v 2010.1.0.43 updated on Nov 02, 2009

Version 2010.1.0.43 27-Oct-2009 -- Updates to the user-interface to accomidate smaller resolution sizes found in server environment, enhanced compatibility with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008.

v updated on Nov 11, 2008

Version 29-Oct-2008 -- Inclusion of BPFTP Client and updates to increased compatibility with the newest release of Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.

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